Mount Rainier National Park

Creature Feature: The Marbled Murrelet is a Flagship Species in the Old-Growth Forest Preservation Movement.

Logging in the old-growth forests of the North Pacific Coast is being blamed for the sharp decline of the marbled murrelet population. More logging restrictions are needed to save the little seabird, and that is causing quite a stir.

Obama Administration Draws Criticism for Declining ESA Protection To Pikas

A diminutive creature that struggles with warmer temperatures brought on by climate change will not receive Endangered Species Act protection for its predicament, the Obama administration has decided in a move that brought quick condemnation from some corners.
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Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Promoted to Yosemite National Park

Don Neubacher, a 28-year veteran of the National Park Service who has spent the past 15 as superintendent of Point Reyes National Seashore, is moving over to take the helm at Yosemite National Park.

National Park Quiz 77: Both

Maybe one, maybe the other, but how about both? This month’s national park quiz will find out if you know. Answers are at the end. If we catch you cheating, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “The word both is an adjective meaning not just one of two, but the two together.”

National Park Mystery Plant 5 Revealed: It’s the Red Baneberry

Did you identify the red baneberry as the mystery plant in yesterday’s quiz? Here are some more interesting facts about this widely-distributed plant and its toxic effects.

Two Visitors Stranded Overnight on Winter Trip to Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier winter scene.
Two visitors set out on a day of skiing and snowshoeing earlier this week at Mount Rainier National Park but failed to return home. Their plight in the face of deteriorating weather put a search into motion and offers good lessons for any winter traveler.

Grant From Boeing Will Help Mount Rainier National Park Move Towards Carbon Neutral

Boeing is a big industrial player in Washington state. Mount Rainier is a big national park in the same state. On Monday the two will get to know each other a bit better, when Boeing presents a $75,000 check to help the national park move towards becoming carbon neutral.

How Many Wolves Are Enough In Washington State?

Wolves have made a remarkable comeback in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem since the recovery plan was launched in the mid-1990s. Concerned that the predators will find their way into Washington state, officials there are developing a management plan. But how many wolves are enough wolves?

Skiing On Mount Rainier, Where You Really Earn Your Turns

With all that snow atop Mount Rainier, it's no surprise that folks head to the mountain to make some turns. But those turns are really earned, as there's no lift. This short video shows some turns made the other day following the recent snowfall at Mount Rainier National Park.

Where Can You Find the Best Fall Foliage In the National Park System? Here Are Ten Contenders

Where do you go to digitally capture fall colors in the National Park System? The National Park Foundation released a list of the Top 10 parks for fall color the other day, and there are some old stalwarts, and some upstarts as well!

With Labor Day Past, Operations in Mount Rainier National Park Are Scaling Back

With Labor Day past us, time is running out to enjoy camping in some areas of Mount Rainier National Park. Already the Sunrise Visitor Center has been shuttered along with the Sunrise Lodge.

Rainier Mountain Festival Brings America's Mountaineering Legends to Mount Rainier National Park

If you've ever wanted to head to the mountains and meet some of America's mountaineering giants, then mark September 12 and 13 on your calendar and plot a course for Mount Rainier National Park.

Poor Snow Conditions at Mount Rainier National Park Make Hiking the Muir Snowfield Trickier Than Usual

If you're planning to tackle the Muir Snowfield during a late-summer trip to Mount Rainier National Park, be sure to pack your crampons and ice axe, as deteriorating snow conditions are making this hike a little trickier than normal for this time of year.

"Bad Times" Aren't Always All Bad – These Two Ideas for "Improving the Parks" Fizzled

Crater Lake
In the early 1900s, there were plenty of ideas for ways the new agency called the National Park Service could "improve" the parks. Here are a couple whose time never came, perhaps in part due to the "bad times" during World War I and the Great Depression.

Climate Change and National Parks: A Survival Guide for a Warming World -- Salmon of the Pacific Northwest

Life is not easy for salmon in the Pacific Northwest. They’re born inland, usually in a stream far from the ocean. Then, when they’re old enough, they have to swim all the way to the ocean, hopefully timing it right so there will be plenty to eat when they arrive. Some years later, if they’ve managed to avoid the Pacific’s predators, they have to retrace that journey to return to where they were born so they can mate. And then they die.

Around the Park System: Family Camping in Kings Canyon, Road Update from Mount Rainier, Science in Glacier

With the summer season well under way, there's lots going on in the National Park System. At Kings Canyon National Park there are two family camping weekends coming up, at Mount Rainer National Park the Stevens Pass Road is about to reopen, and at Glacier National Park there are some great science programs for visitors to enjoy.

Historic Touring Coach Returns to Mount Rainier to Stay

Historic bus.
For twenty-five years in the 1900s, a Kenworth Touring Motor Coach transported visitors to Mount Rainier National Park. It made its last trip in 1962, but thanks to a generous donation, the historic vehicle is returning to the park to stay.

The National Park to Park Highway

In the early 1900s, some national parks existed, but getting to them was problematic. Then was born the idea to develop a "National Park-to-Park Highway," one that would run through 11 states and connect 13 national parks.

Mount Rainier National Park's Cougar Rock Campground to Open This Weekend

Thanks to some help from ole Sol, two loops of the Cougar Rock Campground in Mount Rainier National Park will be open this weekend.

Update on Opening Mount Rainier National Park's Cayuse Pass

In case you're wondering, Cayuse Pass in Mount Rainier National Park didn't open as scheduled this past Tuesday. A little late-season snowstorm prevented that from happening. Now park officials say the pass should be open at noon Friday.

"The Right Stuff" - Valor Awards for Two Rescuers at Mount Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier
In a timely reminder that search and rescue activities are rarely routine and often dangerous, a ranger and a climbing guide from Mount Rainier National Park have received a Valor Award and a Citizen’s Award for Bravery from the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Roads and Facilities Opening at Mount Rainier National Park

Road access to Mount Rainier National Park continues to improve following the long winter, with crews scheduled to open State Routes 123 and 410 over Cayuse Pass today. However, Route 410 over Chinook Pass remains closed by snow.

Traveler Tip: Staying On Top Of News From Mount Rainier National Park

Trying to individually sort through all of the data flowing across the Internet is impossible. Can't be done. There's just too much. So when you come upon a cool site, spread the word. Today the word is "VisitRainier."

Interior Secretary Salazar Sends $15.2 Million to USGS Volcano Observatories to Improve Monitoring

The five U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Observatories are receiving $15.2 million to help upgrade their monitoring of volcanics across the West, in Alaska, and in Hawaii, including within Yellowstone, Mount Rainier, Hawaii Volcanoes, and Lake Clark national parks.

Mount Rainier National Park: Reaching Out to Camping Newbies

How many of you would jump at the chance to join rangers at Mount Rainier National Park on a three-day camping trek? And keep in mind, this offer comes with equipment, food, and rangers tossed in for free.

Tracing The Postage Stamp-Sized History of the National Park System

You could call it a postage stamp-sized history of the National Park System, but the history of park scenes on U.S. postage is really quite colorful and carries a few stories with it.

Sections of Pacific Crest Trail Poached by Mountain Bikers; Could Problems Arise in National Parks?

The Pacific Crest Trail ranges from Canada to Mexico, running through Washington, Oregon, and California along the way, traversing not one but seven units of the National Park System in the process. While mountain bikers are not supposed to use the trail, recently some have been poaching sections in California.

Upon Further Review – Is My Room in Paradise Ready?

Plowing the road to Paradise in 1954.
Now that most of the country has sprung forward into daylight saving time, can summer be far behind? For some parks, summer is still a coming attraction, and just getting the snow off the road can be quite a job. In one park in years gone by, opening the road to Paradise was a highly anticipated annual event that created a different kind of challenge for another group of workers.

Mount Rainier National Park: One of the Oldest in the System, But Appearances Can Deceive

It is one of the oldest parks in the National Park System, having been established on this date in 1899, and yet ... there's a decidedly new face to Mount Rainier National Park.

Mount Rainier National Park to Test Warning Siren This Weekend

Hopefully the folks at Mount Rainier National Park aren't tempting fate this Saturday when they test their Geohazard Warning Siren at the Nisqually Entrance.
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