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Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park Climbers Need To Be More Self-Reliant As Park Alters Rescue Techniques

The death of a climbing ranger last year at Mount Rainier National Park has prompted a shift in how the park uses helicopters on rescues. In the near-term, that means climbers could find themselves responsible for their own rescues.

Tracking "The Beat" Of Glaciers In North Cascades And Mount Rainier National Parks

Glaciers are the master craftsmen of mountains. Down through the centuries their massive weight grinds down and rearranges the face of mountains. Glaciologist Jon Riedel takes a look at these rivers of ice, and their impact on the landscapes of North Cascades and Mount Rainier national parks, in this captivating video.

Update 2: More Facilities At Mount Rainier National Park To Open By Fourth Of July

While many, if not most, national parks are deep into their summer seasons, at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state some facilities have yet to open. That should change by the Fourth of July, when the Sunrise Road, Sunrise Lodge, and Sunrise Visitor Center are scheduled to open.

Replacement Of Historic Chinook Entrance Arch At Mount Rainier National Park Should Make The CCC Proud

The Chinook Entrance Arch has served a dual purpose at the northeastern entrance to Mount Rainier National Park for nearly eight decades, but its useful life as both a rustic entrance portal and an overpass for hikers and pedestrians had come to an end. Now, thanks to work by skilled park crews, a nearly identical replacement is back in service.

Investigation: Multiple Errors Contributed To Death Of Mount Rainier National Park Climbing Ranger

Climbing ranger Nick Hall was struggling to control a rescue litter on an icy, 35-degree slope while being buffeted by the swirling downwash from a Chinook helicopter when he slipped and fell 2,400 feet down Mount Rainier to his death last June, a National Park Service investigation has found.
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National Parks Being Lobbied To Do Away With Bottled Water, Install Filling Stations

It's been more than a year since bottled water and corporate America collided at Grand Canyon National Park, and the push continues to get more national parks to phase out packaged water in favor of fresh tap water and refillable bottles.
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Windows On Nature: The Ten Best National Park Webcam Sites In America

Webcams provide us with windows on the world. They allow armchair travelers to follow activity outside a Dublin pub, monitor traffic on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, and check on what’s happening at the International Space Station. Webcams also provide windows on nature, some of the best of which comes by way of cameras stationed in our national parks.

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