Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Updated: Greenpeace Climbers Arrested for Climate Change Protest at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Eleven Greenpeace members were arrested Wednesday for mounting a protest on the granite presidential faces of Mount Rushmore National Memorial to urge President Obama to "show real leadership on global warming."

Plans Announced to Digitally Map Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Digital mapping. This relatively new technology is a boon to archaeologists and preservationists. It's already been employed at Mesa Verde National Park, and now plans are in the works to digitally map the focal point of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Readying for Fourth of July Fireworks

Ropes and pulleys have replaced helicopters as the preferred method to haul fireworks to top of Theodore Roosevelt's head for the annual Fourth of July celebration at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Mount Who? How Did This Famous Park Get Its Name?

Mount Rushmore in 1905.
The nearly 400 units of our National Park System include the names of some famous men and women, along with those of natural features and historical events, but the origin of one of those monikers is a bit more obscure.

Get Me to the Park on Time……..

The trooper who pulled us over said he’d clocked us at 91 miles an hour. Our tour bus driver later told us that it was probably closer to 95, and we believed him.

Lakota Gather Peacefully at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, But Still Insist that the Black Hills Belong to Them

In 1970, a United Native Americans-led contingent of Indians staged a 10-day occupation of Mount Rushmore National Memorial and asserted the right of the Lakota people to reclaim the Black Hills. On August 29, a small group of Lakota gathered at the memorial to share cultural experiences and commemorate the historic event.

National Park Quiz 1: Are You Centered?

Do you know where the national parks are located? This little quiz will test the accuracy of your National Park System “mental map.” The answers are at the end. No peeking!

Traveler's Top 10 Picks For Movies Involving National Parks

Dozens of movies have depicted actors and actresses cavorting, romancing, running, hiding, fighting, and yes, even dying in national parks or places destined to become national parks. Here are ten of Traveler's favorite movies with a national park connection of some sort. Note that we don’t restrict the field to films shot on location in parks.

Hidden Hall of Records at Mount Rushmore

Entrance to the Hall of Records at Mount Rushmore
Hidden out of public view, behind the heads of Mount Rushmore is a room called the Hall of Records. The sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, envisioned a room to store America's most important documents. Time and money ran out before it could be completed, but part of his vision remains. Read on for more details and photos of the room.

Mount Rushmore Recreated in Cheese

Mount Rushmore depicted in cheese. AP Photo/The Post-Crescent, Michael P. King
In case you've been wondering, this is what Mount Rushmore would look like if it were cut from Land O' Lakes cheese and not the granite of South Dakota's Black Hills.
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