National Mall and Memorial Parks

Honda Donates More Than $70,000 Worth Of Equipment To Keep The National Mall Tidy

If you've ever stood in the middle of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., you can imagine what a chore it must be to cut the grass, trim the shrubs, prune the trees, and keep the flowerbeds tidy. And mowers, clippers, and trimmers for that sizable task aren't cheap, which is why Honda is being applauded for donating more than $70,000 worth of power equipment for the job.

Trust For the National Mall Looking For A Few (Dozen) Good Volunteers

It's difficult to miss them on the National Mall: They're dressed in yellow shirts and khaki pants or shorts, wear ball caps with the National Park Service and Trust for the National Mall logos, and heft backpacks filled with information and, if you're thirsty, water.
WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall In his book on the "Jewel of the Mall," the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., photographer Stephen R. Brown not only captures the solemnity of the memorial, as well as its magnificent architecture and design, but also goes behind the scene to document the bronze castings, granite carvings, and erection of the memorial.

Reflecting Pool On National Mall Soon To Reflecting Once Again

Not quite two years after it was drained, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., will soon be reflecting again.

It's the Centennial Year for Washington D.C.'s Cherry Blossoms. Will the Blooms Cooperate?

This year marks the centennial for Washington, D.C.'s famous cherry trees, and that adds a little extra drama to the "big question" facing organizers of the National Cherry Blossom Festival every year: Will the trees bloom on the same schedule as the Festival events? The official "peak bloom" prediction for 2012 has now been released.

NPS Proposes Adding Five Bikeshare Stations on the National Mall

Are short-term bike rentals one solution for easing traffic congestion around the National Mall in Washington, D.C.? The NPS has proposed allowing five stations on NPS managed property for the growing Capital Bikeshare system, and is accepting public comments for the idea.

Visiting the National Mall? There's a New App for That

Navigation around the nation's capital has often been regarded as a bit challenging for tourists, but a new app developed by the National Park Service can make a visit to the National Mall a bit easier for smart phone users.

National Park Mystery Plant 19 Revealed

Eight words in two odd sentences contained all the information you needed.

Interior Department Releases Preferred Plan for National Mall

The nation's front yard, frayed, rutted, and overwhelmed by millions of feet and years of neglect, is going to be given a much-needed makeover if the Interior Department can figure out how to raise at least $650 million, and likely quite a bit more.

Washington's Cherry Blossom Festival, the Video

Wondering why all the fuss over the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.? This short video from the 2009 festival helps explain the attraction.

Updated: Cherry Blossom Festival Underway in Washington, D.C. When Are the Peak Blooms Expected?

Cherry blossom scene.
How did the unusually snowy winter in Washington, D.C. affect the timing of blooms on the city's famed cherry trees? The annual Cherry Blossom Festival is now underway, along with the guessing game about the period of peak blooms. What do the experts say about the best time to view the blossoms in 2010?

How to Fix the National Mall? The NPS has a Plan and Welcomes Your Comments

National Mall view.
The National Mall is often described as the nation's front yard, and the lawn has bare spots, the walks are cracking, the porch is sagging. It's time for a serious facelift, the NPS is working on a plan to restore the Mall, and your comments are welcome.

Memorial Day Weekend Events in the Nation's Capital

Netherlands Carillon in Arlington, VA.
NPS areas in and around the nation's capital will host or assist in special activities during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, including an unusual concert and opportunity to view the city from a unique location.

Post-Inauguration Facts and Figures from the NPS – but Don't Expect a Crowd Estimate

Crowd at the 2008 Inauguration.
The Big Day on the National Mall has come and gone, thankfully without major incidents. The National Park Service has compiled a few behind-the-scenes facts and figures, but contrary to published reports, there won't be an official estimate of the crowd from that agency.

National Park Service Prepares to Host Millions of Visitors for the Presidential Inauguration and Parade

With crowds predicted to number three-four million or more, the National Park Service is scrambling to accommodate the largest event in its history.

Should the National Park Service Drain the Capitol Reflecting Pool to Save Birds?

If you were a duck flying over Washington, D.C., you just might think the Capitol Reflecting Pool would be a pretty good place to splash down upon to give your weary wings a break. Unfortunately, it seems as if that murky pool of water has turned into a deadly disease-carrying environment for waterfowl.

National Mall: Cherry Blossom Festival Not Far Off

Springtime must be right around the corner. Why else would the chief horticulturist for the National Park Service's National Capital Region be issuing his forecast for the peak color during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival?

When Nature Calls, It's Hard to Find a Restroom on the National Mall

Portable Toilets Set Up for July 4; Indrani Soemardjan Photo
Twenty-five million visitors a year visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, D.C. And for those millions, there are 80 public toilets and 26 urinals. What's a guy or gal to do when nature calls?
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