National Park of American Samoa

National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide Winter 2013-14

It was a (hopefully not) one of those once-in-a-lifetime visits to a far off national park, and I was flat on my back. That, however, was not all bad at Virgin Islands National Park on the Caribbean island of St. John, where basking under the February sun on the sugar-sand beaches in between snorkeling adventures is de rigueur. Preferably with a cool drink in hand and a rattan mat beneath you.

National Park Of American Samoa Divers Work To Protect Reefs By Killing Voracious Starfish

Though an intriguing and beautifully hued sea creature, the Crown-of-Thorn starfish can be deadly to coral reefs. That's why divers at National Park of American Samoa recently killed nearly 100 of the starfisjh.

Reader Participation Day: What Would Be Your Park Destination Of Choice For The Holidays?

If you could ask Santa for the chance to spend part of the upcoming holiday season in any national park service area, where would you go—and what would you do?

Student Interns Study Climate Change In The Parks: Salamander Skins And Coral Reefs

Through its George Melendez Wright Climate Change Interns and Fellows program, the National Park Service enables university students to visit national parks to investigate issues related to climate change. Over the coming days we'll present profiles of what those students investigated.

Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Spinner Dolphins At National Park of American Samoa

For those fortunate enough to make the trek to the far side of the world to visit the National Park of American Samoa, one animal you can look for is the Spinner dolphin, also known locally as mumua.

Home Stay Program at National Park of American Samoa Lets You Sample Local Life

If the recent winter months have you wishing for some time on an island in the South Pacific, here's a unique approach: the Home Stay Program at National Park of American Samoa lets you sample some beautiful scenery while living like a local in a Samoan village setting.

Visiting the Parks: National Park of American Samoa Isn't Easy to Get To, But the Trek is Definitely Worth It

The still life of the beach was like many others – rocks and shells, flotsam and jetsam. But the view! I had just emerged from a tree-shaded walk and stood on a rocky beach with waves crashing in not 20 feet away. In every direction I could see ocean, or tree covered hills, and what I couldn’t see was any sign of man. This was part of the National Park of American Samoa.

Monitoring The Sea Bed Below The National Parks of the Pacific Islands

While it's perhaps easier to monitor natural resources rooted in the earth in the national parks of the Pacific Islands, that doesn't mean those below the ocean's surface get ignored. This short video looks at some of those resources and explains how National Park Service researchers keep track of their health.

Understanding Birds on Pacific Islands National Parks, The Video

For a quick primer on issues confronting birds on the national parks in the Pacific Ocean, take five-and-a-half minutes to watch this video.

National Parks of Pacific Islands Offers One Great Website

Getting to Hawaii and the national parks that dot the Pacific Ocean is no easy task. But you can get some great information and virtually visit the parks by following the National Parks of the Pacific Islands' website.

Restoration Efforts Show National Park of American Samoa Artifacts in Better-Than-Expected Condition

Some good news out of the South Pacific today. The tsunami wave train that smacked the National Park of American Samoa last month didn't damage park artifacts as much as first thought. And that's largely because of the park staff's efforts to rescue the items from the waters that inundated park headquarters.

Piecing The National Park of American Samoa Back Together Will Take Time

Large chapters of Samoan history were washed away when a tsunami wave train inundated the headquarters of the National Park of American Samoa in Pago Pago on September 29.

Updated: Tsunami Waves Slam Into American Samoa and National Park of American Samoa, Leaving Death and Destruction in its Wake

A series of tsunami waves triggered by an earthquake in the South Pacific slammed into the U.S. territory of American Samoa shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday, local time, killing nearly three dozen islanders and reportedly demolishing the headquarters and visitor center of the National Park of American Samoa.

It's a Boy...or Maybe a Girl! Humpback Whale Calf Born at the Only U. S. National Park South of the Equator

Whale and calf.
If you mention whale watching, many people immediately think of prime coastal locations in Alaska, California or New England, but probably not the South Pacific. Biologists at the only U. S. national park south of the equator recently noted the birth of an endangered humpback whale.

National Park Quiz 61: Heat

It’s July, so heat is as good a theme as any for this week’s quiz. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you devise 101 simple experiments illustrating that heat is an unavoidable byproduct of work.

Best Solitude in the National Park System? Here Are Traveler's Choices

Solitude. Who doesn’t treasure some from time to time? And some of the greatest draws of national parks is their peacefulness and the ability for you to pass through an entrance gate and escape the pressures of day-to-day life. Where can you find some of the best solitude in the National Park System? Read on for some of the Traveler’s top picks for solitude.

Creature Feature: the Many-Colored Fruit Dove

A tiny clutch of islands in the South Pacific harbors not only the National Park of American Samoa, one of the National Park System’s oft-overlooked delights, but also some of the last vestiges of the many-Colored Fruit Dove, a colorful bird that long has captivated those lucky enough to spy it.
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