Petrified Forest National Park

A Traveler Special Report: "Oil Trains" Pose A Significant Threat To National Parks

For more than a century, freight trains have rumbled up and over Marias Pass, skirting the south boundary of Glacier National Park, casting rolling shadows on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River below. Until recently the major threat was a grain car derailment, which on occasion left bears woozy from eating fermented grain. Today a derailment involving a 100-car train hauling highly combustible Bakken crude oil risks an environmental catastrophe unprecedented in National Park Service history.

Essential Spring Guide '15: On The Road To Castles Of Stone And Wood Turned To Rock

Arizona is rich in history -- from the 1800s all the way back to the Late Triassic Period. Stitch together this trip that winds out of Flagstaff to Montezuma Castle National Monument, to Petrified Forest National Park, and ends at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site. You’ll experience fascinating chapters of geologic and cultural history.

Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument Adds A Missing Link To The National Park System

A window into the last Ice Age in the present-day desert outside of Las Vegas brings a missing link into the National Park System along with a small, but enticing, possibility that fossilized human remains are buried next to those of ancient bison, camels, and even lions.

National Fossil Day Celebrated In National Parks Next Week

Fossils large and small will be the stars of the National Park System next week when National Fossil Day is celebrated on Wednesday.

Exploring The Parks: Fossil Butte National Monument In Windswept Wyoming

Many national parks preserve aspects of the past, and in the case of Fossil Butte National Monument, that past goes back 55 million years ago, a time when the landscape of western Wyoming was very different from the windswept plains we see today.

Nearly 15,000 Acres Of Petrified Forest National Park Open For Backcountry Exploration

It took more than two decades, but a rugged, remote, and intriguing area of Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona is now open to backcountry travelers.

Which National Park Drives Are On Your 2014 Calendar?

With the travel season not too far off, you should be planning your national park adventures. If you're looking for a great scenic drive, we offer the following for your consideration.

Petrified Forest National Park Grows By More Than 4,200 Acres Thanks To The Conservation Fund

A few acres here, a dozen over there, perhaps a thousand at a time. Those increments are slowly growing the National Park System, a system that just jumped by more than 4,200 acres in size thanks to The Conservation Fund.

"Conscience Letters" From Petrified Forest National Park Thieves Tie Bad Luck To "Hot Rocks"

Think twice during your visit to Petrified Forest National Park about walking away with a colorful shard of petrified wood, for that "hot rock" just might bring you a world of hurt.

What Did The Colorado Plateau Look Like 250 Million Years Ago?

What did the Colorado Plateau look like 250 million years? That's a question geologists hope to shed some light on via an ambitious project that is pulling rock cores up from as much as 1.5 kilometers down into the plateau's belly.

New Exhibits Installed At Petrified Forest National Park's Rainbow Forest Museum

Some new exhibits have been installed at the Rainbow Forest Museum in Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.

Trails I've Hiked: Giant Logs Trail At Petrified Forest National Park

It's summer, shade is not something you find in abundance at Petrified Forest National Park, and you don't want to head out on a long hike with the mercury peaking above 100 degrees. So where do you go? To the Giant Logs Trail.

Petrified Forest National Park Gains 4,265 Acres, But Much Remains To "Complete" The Park

Petrified Forest National Park will grow by nearly 4,300 acres later this year thanks to a collaborative effort by two conservation groups, but much more work needs to be done to "complete" the park that protects an incredibly rich array of geological and archaeological resources.

Petrified Forest National Park's First Park Geology Map Is A Hit

The process has taken over three decades, but Petrified Forest National Park now has its first published geological map—and in the world of rocks, it's a star

A Year In The Parks: From Arches National Park To Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Living in the Rocky Mountains is a great asset when it comes to visiting national parks, for there are so many in just about any direction you head. The past year took me north and south through the region to a diverse collection parks, and I also ventured to Virginia to explore the National Park System.

Trails We Hiked in 2012 That We Think You'll Like

Few national park visits are complete without a hike of some distance and duration. We made the following hikes in the parks the past year, and think you'll find them interesting possibilities for 2013.

National Geographic Maps Can Guide You To Canadian Rockies, Through The Four Corners Region

Need help planning a trip to either the Canadian Rockies or the Trail of the Ancients in the Southwest? National Geographic Maps can help you out.

Ghostly Tales From The National Parks: Petrified Forest National Park

With Halloween just days away, we searched around the National Park System and rummaged in the Traveler's archives for some ghostly stories. This tale comes from Petrified Forest National Park.

National Park Mystery Photo 56 Revealed: Take A Seat And Wait For The Jerk

Zoom out from the tightly cropped image we used for this Mystery Photo and you'll find a seat at the soda fountain in the Painted Desert Inn in Petrified Forest National Park.

A View From The Overlook: The Petrified Wood Olympics

You'd be surprised by the lengths some folks would go to to take a colorful piece of rock from Petrified Forest National Park.

Trails I've Hiked: The Long Logs And Agate House Trails At Petrified Forest National Park

It's the heart of summer, the hottest time to visit Petrified Forest National Park, but that doesn't mean you still can't enjoy the Long Logs and Agate House trails near the park's south entrance. You just have to be strategic in planning when to do these companion hikes.

National Park Week Quiz #4 Revealed: Four Letters Unscrambled

Does the sound of the can opener make your dog salivate?

Traveler's Checklist: Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park is an overlooked gem in the National Park System, in part perhaps owing to its location in northeastern Arizona, or possibly because there are no in-park accommodations, or maybe because the park shuts down at sundown. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore this fascinating landscape.

We've Added Petrified Forest National Park To Our Database Of Essential Park Guides

Heading to Petrified Forest National Park, or wondering whether you should pay the northern Arizona park a visit? We've got a guide to help you figure out how best to explore the park, one that just might convince those on the fence to add it to their bucket list.

Trails I've Hiked: The Crystal Forest At Petrified Forest National Park

Though it's called the "Crystal Forest," it could just as easily have been dubbed "the wood lot" for all the slabs and trunks of petrified wood you'll find along this easy hike in Petrified Forest National Park.

Trails I've Hiked: The Blue Mesa Trail At Petrified Forest National Park

There are, relative to other parks, only a handful of hikes for you to consider when you visit Petrified Forest National Park, but you still should come up with a pecking order, if only to plan your day. And if you like to hike first thing in the morning, then the Blue Mesa Trail should rise to the very top of your list.

Petrified Forest National Park

The Painted Desert is just one aspect of this amazing national park. Kurt Repanshek photo.

Threads of the Late Triassic Period more than 200 million years ago run rampant through Petrified Forest National Park, and not just in the trunks of stone trees that dot this multi-hued landscape in northeastern Arizona.

Bus Bust at Petrified Forest National Park Nets Stolen Wood - and a Lot More

The theft of petrified wood is an ongoing problem at Petrified Forest National Park, so it was gratifying to learn that a tip from a visitor resulted in the apprehension of a group of thieves earlier this month. The bust of the group traveling in a converted school bus also netted some other items of considerable interest to authorities.
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