Rock Creek Park

Where To Go, What To Do During National Park Week

National Park Week officially kicks off tomorrow, April 18, and if you're wondering how to celebrate, the National Park Service and National Park Foundation have some ideas.

Heavy Rains Causing Problems For National Park Units In And Around Washington, D.C.

Flooding problems, possible sewage overflows, and downed trees were causing problems Friday for Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Rock Creek Park, and other National Park System units in and around Washington, D.C., and officials said things could get worse this weekend.

Making A Difference Through Hard Work With The Student Conservation Association

I had two job offers the summer before my junior year of high school. I chose the job that came with new boots.

America's Champion Trees Include At Least One In the National Park System

There are trees, big trees, and really big trees that are recognized as national champions by American Forests. And one of those champion trees, a chesnut oak, can be found in a small Civil War setting in Washington, D.C., preserved by the National Park Service.

Around The Parks: Shorebird Nesting, Culling Deer At Rock Creek, Gettysburg Tours

Let's take a quick look around the National Park System at some of the issues and activities different units are involved with.

More Than 900 Species New To Science Found In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Stand in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and you can't help but be enthralled by the lush forests and rolling mountains that surround you. Though a somewhat old landscape to modern civilization, the park continues to toss surprises in terms of the species that inhabit it.

Rock Creek Park In Washington, D.C., Latest To Turn To Culling Deer Herd

You can add Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., to the slowly growing list of parks that have turned to lethal means to tamp down burgeoning populations of ungulates, whether they are elk or deer.

National Park Quiz Week Quiz #3 Revealed: Silly Synonyms Solved

OK, maybe that princess-botherer one was a little over the top.

Legislation Could Force Bicycles Off Roads In Some National Parks

Serious road cyclists do not often dally about when they're out for a ride, instead preferring to dance on the pedals at speeds of 20 mph and more. While they can easily do that on many National Park System roads, legislation pending in Congress could force them onto paved paths now enjoyed by walkers, folks with strollers, those in wheelchairs, and others not zooming along.

Popular Junior Ranger Program is Expanding to Add "Let's Move Outside" Activities

The popular Junior Ranger Program, which lets kids earn a patch, badge, certificate or similar award for completing activities in many national parks, is expanding to include Let's Move Outside, which encourages physical activity for youngsters. The program is now underway in 36 parks, with more being added before summer's end.

Next Time You're In Washington, Stop By the Old Stone House

Nestled in along M Street, in the heart of Georgetown, you'll stumble upon The Old Stone House, one of the oldest homes remaining in Washington, DC. Built in 1765, the house is maintained and operated by the National Park Service, and is part of the National Park System's Rock Creek Park unit.

Too Many Deer in the Nation's Capital? Rock Creek Park Holds a Public Meeting on Wednesday

What's a manager to do when a park has more deer than the area can support? That's a common dilemma in a growing number of areas, but... in Washington, D.C.? Rock Creek Park is holding a public meeting this week to discuss a deer management plan for that site.

The Only Planetarium in the National Park System

The Milky Way.
Some units of the National Park System offer premier sites for enjoying the night sky, due to their location far from cities and the accompanying light pollution. One park which doesn't have the advantage of dark skies has something else—the only planetarium in the National Park System.

Maintenance Worker Finds a Hand Grenade in Rock Creek Park

Finding a hand grenade is a cause for pause. A maintenance worker who found one in Rock Creek Park had to be thinking: Good Lord! Could this thing possibly be real?!
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