Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road Across Rocky Mountain National Park Closed for Winter

If you've got traveling Trail Ridge Road end-to-end through Rocky Mountain National Park on your bucket list, well, it'll have to wait until next year. Winter has forced park officials to close the road to wheeled traffic until next spring.

National Park Mystery Plant 13 Revealed: A Prostrate Little Plant with an Unlovely Name

The liverwort is a small, primitive, flowerless plant that you might easily mistake for moss or lichens.

54-Year-Old Colorado Man Dies in Fall At Rocky Mountain National Park

A 54-year-old Colorado man has been killed in a tumbling fall on the Taylor Glacier in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Ansel Adams in the National Parks: Photographs from America Long after his death we continue to celebrate the brilliance of Ansel Adams, who arguably defined landscape photography, often while working in national parks to capture the magnificence of nature.

Moving From Fall Towards Winter In the National Parks

The transition from fall to winter is harsher than the ones from spring to summer or summer to fall. The signs practically assault your senses. And yet, the transition can be much too quick.

Life On the Fire Lines in Rocky Mountain National Park

Ed Waldron holds the Kestrel, or weather meter, up to the wind. In the next five minutes, he will note wind speeds at least a dozen times to make sure he is sending accurate readings to the handful of firefighters widening the blackened line in the drainage below him.

New Director in National Park Service's Intermountain Region Looking Forward to Challenges

John Wessels finds himself in arguably one of the best jobs in the National Park Service, that as director of the agency's sprawling Intermountain Region, and yet there probably aren't many who envy him at this point.

Hiker Dies In 300-foot Fall At Rocky Mountain National Park

A hiker on the Keyhole Route of Longs Peak fell has been killed in a fall of about 300 feet, according to the National Park Service.

Emergency Fire Restrictions Implemented At Rocky Mountain National Park

High fire danger throughout Rocky Mountain National Park has led to the expansion of fire restrictions throughout the park, including a prohibition of smoking in the open and backcountry campfires.

Updated: Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park Temporarily Blocks Trail Ridge Road

It's fall travel time at Rocky Mountain National Park, but a fire which started about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday caused park officials to close a section of Trail Ridge Road on the west side of the park for about 18 hours. Cross-park traffic resumed Sunday afternoon, with one-lane traffic at the site of the fire.

Fall Spectacular: Fall Colors Delight Motorists on National Park Roads -- Part II, the Ozarks and Western States

When it comes to autumnal splendor, the Eastern parks get the lion's share of national publicity, but there's some mighty fine leaf peeping to be enjoyed on the park roads in western states and the Ozarks too. Here's how to find some of the best of it.

If You Live Near Rocky Mountain National Park, and Need Firewood, Read This

If you live near Rocky Mountain National Park, and need some firewood for the coming winter, you just might want to enter the park's lottery for wood permits.

Fall Spectacular: What's That Sound? Where To Listen To -- And Look For -- Wildlife in the National Parks

In the fall, animals and birds prepare for winter. Bears eat constantly to fatten up before they slow down. Many birds are already on their migration path. Elk and other ungulates are preparing for the mating ritual, the rut. Take a look -- or stop and listen -- in many national parks this Fall and you'll catch a glimpse of this autumnal spectacular.

Climber Dies in Fall In Rocky Mountain National Park

A climber making an ascent of Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park died in a fall of roughly 800 feet Friday, according to park officials.
Running Dry: A Journey From Source to Sea Down the Colorado River Part travelogue, part warning shot across the bow, Jonathan Waterman in his latest book takes us on a year-long journey down the Colorado River from source to the Sea of Cortez that should scare the wits out of those in the Southwest convince them to read the dusty writing on the wall.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Turning to 240 Volunteers To Help Reduce Elk Herd

Facing too little habitat and too few predators, elk in Theodore Roosevelt National Park this fall will be targeted by a three-month-long culling operation that could bring 240 volunteers into the park's South Unit to shoot elk located by radio collar.

Teach Your Children Well...When it Comes to Hiking in National Parks And Elsewhere Outdoors

How many of us take it for granted that kids know how to stay safe when hiking and how to tread lightly on the landscape? When Catherine Dold's nieces came to visit for a stay in the Rockies, she wanted to ensure their safety, and so she created a "Certified Good Hiker Kit."

Three Rescues in One Day: Just Another Day For Rangers in Rocky Mountain National Park

What's a day in the life of a national park ranger like? Well, for those at Rocky Mountain National Park, it can mean heading out in the park frequently to rescue visitors.

Wolverine Sightings Growing in Rocky Mountain National Park

While National Park Service officials have been talking with Colorado officials about possibly collaborating on a wolverine recovery program in the Centennial State, wolverines don't seem to be waiting around for any assistance.

Temporary Night Closures of Trail Ridge Road Scheduled in Rocky Mountain National Park

If you're visiting Rocky Mountain National Park next week, you might encounter some travel problems along Trail Ridge Road due to road work. The scenic drive that traverses the park will see temporary nighttime closures Monday through Thursday.

Easy Park Hikes – Lily Lake Trail at Rocky Mountain National Park

Lilly Lake trail overlook.
Sometimes a short, easy hike is just what you need for a nice change of pace during a park visit. Here's a suggestion for a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park—and an alternative to the justly-popular Bear Lake Trail.

Good Samaritans Help Speed a Rescue at Rocky Mountain National Park

Helicopter during rescue
Despite occasional news stories about people who refuse to "get involved" when they see someone in distress, a recent incident at Rocky Mountain National Park confirms that most park visitors are willing to pitch in when things go wrong. Several climbers provided invaluable help when a fellow mountaineer came to grief high on Longs Peak.

One More Request For Your Help In Keeping The Traveler On-line

As we bring an end to our week-long fund-raising drive to keep the Traveler on-line, we'd like to thank the many readers who responded with donations, and make a final request to those sitting on the fence.

Thank A National Park Ranger on July 29

If you find yourself in a national park on July 29, take a minute to thank a ranger for the services they provide throughout the year.

Fall On Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park Proves Deadly to Rhode Island Man

A 29-year-old Rhode Island man high on Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park fell upwards of 300 feet to his death, park officials said Friday.

Update: SPOT To The Rescue: Hiker With Broken Leg Summons Help With SPOT

There's another happy SPOT customer in the world today. A hiker who slid on a snowfield in Rocky Mountain National Park and broke his leg was able to summon rescuers with this pocket-sized emergency beacon.

Update: Small Plane Crashes in Rocky Mountain National Park, Occupants Alive

A father and daughter whose plane crashed in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park must have had angels on their shoulders, for they were able to walk away with only minor injuries while their aircraft was demolished.

Reprise of Winter Briefly Closes Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

Ahh, summers in the Rocky Mountains. They're gorgeous and always surprising. Why, just last night a brief reprise of winter closed the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Special Naturalist Programs Coming to Rocky Mountain National Park

If you're planning a summer visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, there are two special programs on the calendar that you might want to work into your schedule.

Size Of Cow Creek Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park Greatly Reduced

Fire bosses on the Cow Creek Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park once again have revised the size of the wildfire. This time, though, they nearly halved the previous measurement, dropping what once was thought to be a 1,500-acre blaze to 888 acres.
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