Rocky Mountain National Park

Battle Against Mountain Pine Beetles Launched at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mountain pine beetles, Kurt Repanshek photo.
They're inventorying trees at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, with an eye out for trees that are infested with mountain pine beetles.

Rocky Mountain Nature Association Receives Unusual $53,000 Gift For Next Generation Campaign

A $53,000 gift has been made to the Rocky Mountain Nature Association for its Next Generation Fund, a gift that came from a very unusual donor.

Help Friends Groups Help the National Parks

Throughout the year my mailbox is filled with solicitations from various causes, among them national park-related events and projects. Here's a look at just some of the latest you might consider giving to.

Spring is a Great Time To Watch For Migratory Birds in the National Parks

Spring is a fantastic time to be outdoors. Along with the beauty of plants in bloom, a trip to a national park can reveal mammals emerging from their hibernation and frogs singing up a storm. But the one spring event that brings countless new and life-long nature lovers to our nation’s parks is the return of migratory songbirds.

Bark Beetle Battles Continue This Year At Rocky Mountain National Park

If you're planning a visit soon to Rocky Mountain National Park, you might want to read the following carefully and look at your calendar. Park crews plan to be spraying trees around the park through most of May in an ongoing battle against bark beetles.

How Will Wildfires Impact The National Park Landscape This Summer?

Winter has been pretty fluky across the United States, with heavy snows taking aim at the Mid-Atlantic and Sierra states, cold weather diving deeply into the Southeast, torrential rains hitting the Northeast, and quick warming baking the Midwest. With such a mix, what might we expect from the coming wildfire season across the National Park System?

Temporary Climbing Closures In Place at Rocky Mountain National Park to Protect Nesting Raptors

Some temporary climbing closures have been placed into effect in Rocky Mountain National Park to give raptors some relative peace and quiet during their nesting season.

Is The American Pika Really On The Road To Extinction Due to Climate Change?

Less than a month after a conservation group expressed its displeasure with the Obama administration for not providing Endangered Species Act protection to the American pika due to the plight it might face due to climate change, a new study suggests the tiny mammals are more widespread than thought and seem to thrive in a temperature range greater than long thought possible.
Millar&Westfall-pikas.pdf1.33 MB
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Beever-Climate-Mediated Extirpations.pdf246.28 KB
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Reader Participation Day: Where Are the Best Waterfalls In the National Park System?

Waterfall Ohe o Gorge, Haleakala National Park, copyright Q.T. Luong
Two of the most incredible waterfalls in the National Park System can be found in Yellowstone National Park. But it certainly doesn't have a monopoly on waterworks. Olympic National Park boasts the beautifully secluded Marymere Falls, Glacier National Park the towering Bird Woman Falls, and Great Smoky Mountain National Park the comparatively small but gorgeous-just-the-same Abrams Falls. What other waterfalls in the park system deserve to be singled out for their beauty?

Some Biologists Envision Wolves Controlling Elk in More National Parks, Others Say That's Impractical

There was a paper that zoomed around cyberspace a couple weeks ago, one that roamed far and wide, not unlike a young wolf seeking a territory of its own. It gathered speed as it was flicked around the Twittersphere because it focused on two subjects that captivate more than a few people -- national parks, and wolves.
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Reader Participation Day: Are We Overreaching With Wildlife Management in National Parks?

How far should national park managers go when it comes to wildlife management issues? That's a controversial issue in some circles, as evidenced by the concern being raised over a proposal at Cape Cod National Seashore to poison some crows that have developed a knack for preying on piping plovers, a threatened species along the Atlantic Seaboard under the Endangered Species Act, whose nests are seemingly protected by enclosures.

Frogs Are A Sure Sign of Spring, But That Doesn't Mean You Won't Hear Them Now

If you want to know whether Spring is on the way, don’t look to groundhogs for the answer. Instead, listen for the frogs. Certain species of frogs, such as the wood frog, begin singing even when there is still snow on the ground.

"Disabled Traveler's Companion" Offers Valuable Accessibility Insights for Visiting National Parks

Let's face it, the National Park Service is making strides in addressing ADA needs, but has a ways to go. One couple that frequently travels to parks is making it easier for disabled travelers to anticipate what their visits will be like through websites that assess individual park's accessibility factors.

Obama Administration Draws Criticism for Declining ESA Protection To Pikas

A diminutive creature that struggles with warmer temperatures brought on by climate change will not receive Endangered Species Act protection for its predicament, the Obama administration has decided in a move that brought quick condemnation from some corners.
USFWS-Pika_Finding.pdf170.73 KB

Rocky Mountain National Park Marks 95th Birthday, Superintendent Invites You to The Park

It was almost a century ago that President Woodrow Wilson signed the enacting legislation that created Rocky Mountain National Park. With its 95th birthday now here, Rocky Mountain Superintendent Vaughn Baker is inviting you to visit the park and explore its beauty.

Looking To Gain A Little Structured Education On Your National Park Trip?

Can you tell by looking at a wildflower in Yellowstone National Park what the underlying geology is? Or, while hiking through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, can you identify a bird simply by its song? Do you want to get relatively up close to the elephant seals at Point Reyes National Seashore? Here's how you can do all those things and more.

Anonymous Benefactor Pledges $1 Million To Rocky Mountain Nature Association

How many folks, if they had an extra million dollars, would offer it to a national park's friends group? At least one person is holding out that check to the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, which can claim the $1 million by matching it dollar-for-dollar by year's end.

Rocky Mountain National Park Offering Snowshoe Hikes, XC Skiing With Rangers This Winter

Winter is starting to pack its full fury in the Rockies, with the snow piling up across the region. In Rocky Mountain National Park you can enjoy that snow by heading into the park on a snowshoe hike or cross-country ski led by rangers.

National Park Mystery Plant 5 Revealed: It’s the Red Baneberry

Did you identify the red baneberry as the mystery plant in yesterday’s quiz? Here are some more interesting facts about this widely-distributed plant and its toxic effects.

"Core Ops" Budgeting in the National Park System Goes Silently Into the Night

A succinct, four-paragraph memo from National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis two weeks ago spurred an outpouring of comments from Park Service employees and marked, potentially, a sea change in how park superintendents go about budgeting for their parks. But is it something the general public should take note of?

Holiday Activities Abound at Rocky Mountain National Park

If you find yourself near Rocky Mountain National Park during the holidays, you might want to consider one of the following activities. With the snow piling up, there will be lots of outdoor activities, but the park also is planning some indoor fun for families and kids. Some require reservations, so don't wait until the last minute.

Updated: NPS Director Jarvis Ends "Core Ops" Budgeting Across The National Park System

In a brief, four-paragraph memorandum, National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis has brought to an end a controversial budgeting process that stripped arguably key positions from parks. Dubbed "core ops" for its approach to analyzing a park's core operations, the process failed to produce wise budgeting decisions, the director said in a letter to his regional directors.
Jarvis-Core_Ops.pdf436.48 KB

Winter: The Perfect Time To Plan Your Long-Distance Trek Along National Scenic Trails

Winter is a season for planning. How better to pass some of those long, cold, snowy nights than before the fire or a the kitchen table with guidebooks and maps, calculators and checklists? And if you’re thinking of tackling one of the country’s long-distance hiking trails, planning is definitely not over-rated. Here’s a look at some of the trails that pass through parts of the National Park System, and what planning assistance is out there.

Forest Service Open to Allowing Mountain Bikes on Continental Divide Trail, But What About Park Service?

Along its 3,100 miles that wind from the Canadian border down to Mexico, the Continental Divide Trail is one of the most rugged, and in parts one of the most visually spectacular, hiking trails in the country. Now the U.S. Forest Service says the route could be opened in places to mountain bikes, which raises a question of possible impacts to national parks.

Rocky Mountain National Park Finds A Great Promoter In Bill Kurtis

If you've always wondered about visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, but didn't know what to expect, this video is for you. Narrated by Bill Kurtis, who rose to acclaim during his days at CBS News, this video highlights the lay of the land, from tundra to cataracts, showcases the park's renowned wildlife, and points to some of the adventures you can have in the park.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road Closes; Can Winter Be Far Off For Us in the Lowlands?

Wintry conditions have become too frequent at the top of Rocky Mountain National Park for crews to keep Trail Ridge Road open any longer this year. But that doesn't mean you couldn't ski or snowshoe across the Continental Divide, if you're hardy enough!

Wilderness Designations And National Parks Don't Cross Paths Often Enough

Yellowstone. Canyonlands. Voyageurs. Grand Canyon. Great Smoky Mountains. Glacier. Surprising as it is, none of those parks has so much as a single acre of officially designated wilderness.

Is It Too Early To Plan A Winter Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park? Naaaahhhh.

An early season blast of winter made the news the other day when it actually snowed out Game 3 of the National League Division Series between the Phillies and the Rockies. With hopes that the storm was a harbinger of a bountiful winter on its way, here's a list of hikes to help you figure out what to do if you make it to Rocky Mountain National Park when the snow is deep and getting deeper.

Rocky Mountain National Park Looking for Some Good Artists

Ahh, a cabin in the mountains. Isn't that what many of us want? Well, if you're particularly artistic, you could win a shot at spending two weeks in such a place in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Reader Participation Survey: Should Hunters Be Used to Manage National Park Wildlife?

It's fall. There's a crispness in the air, trees are painting the landscape with their colorful leaves, elk are in the rut. And in some national parks, hunters are being dispatched to tamp down those elk populations. Is that the right way to approach wildlife management in the National Park System?
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