San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

More Charging Stations Popping Up In National Park System For Electric Vehicles

Electric charging stations are beginning to sprout up around the National Park System, making it a bit easier for visitors with electric vehicles to recharge while enjoying the parks.

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Nominated For Inclusion On World Heritage List

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, along with the Alamo, has been nominated by the U.S. government for inclusion on the World Heritage List, which recognizes the most significant cultural and natural sites on the planet.

Hispanic Heritage Month Brings Travel Itineraries To National Park System, Events In The Parks

Rich Latino history can be found throughout the United States, and during Hispanic Heritage Month that history is being celebrated in the National Park System.

It’ll Be Getting Easier To Bicycle Tour San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Even if you don’t have a bike, it’ll now be possible to pedal between the Alamo in downtown San Antonio and the four beautiful missions that stretch south of the city—thanks to a bike share program.

Energy Department, National Park Service Team Up To Launch Alternative Fuel Vehicles

In a move to help the National Park System become more fuel efficient, the National Park Service and U.S. Department of Energy are partnering to bring alternative fuel vehicles to the parks.

National Park Foundation Program Addresses Transportation Issues In National Parks

National parks often are the setting for some incredible traffic issues, be they related to "bison jams," lack of parking, or simply high visitation. To help parks find solutions to some of these problems, the National Park Foundation has offered a program that places transportation experts in the parks to brainstorm solutions.

Efforts to Restore the River at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Take a Big Step Forward

"A river runs through it" could describe San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, but the current version of the San Antonio River bears little resemblance to the waterway of years past. The first phase of a project to both restore the river to more natural conditions and create improved trails and public access has just been completed.

Republicans, Democrats Differ Over Whether National Park Designations Should Block Energy Projects

When the Bush administration late in 2008 tried to auction energy leases near national parks in Utah, there was an outcry by many who considered siting oil and gas exploration projects next to parks was anathema. The Obama administration quickly reversed the decision, but the debate over whether to locate energy projects next to parks continues.

Refinery Accident Causes Brief Concerns at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Fire at refinery near San Antonio Missions.
It's been a tough week for the oil and gas industry, one which has held plenty of anxious moments for several NPS areas located in the vicinity of recent accidents. The latest involved an explosion at a refinery near San Antonio Missions National Historic Park; two of the historic structures were closed temporarily and precautionary measures were taken for possible contamination of important waterways.

Colonial America and the Other San Juan Capistrano

Mission Concepción
When we hear the term "Colonial America," locations west of the Mississippi aren't often the first to come to mind. Long before the Liberty Bell became a symbol of the United States, however, a story involving a European power other than Great Britain was already well underway in another part of our country.
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