Sequoia National Park

A Holiday Gift List For National Park Travelers

What do you get for that national park lover in the family? The options are more diverse than you might imagine.

Time To Consider That Backcountry Ski Trek in Sequoia National Park

With the High Sierra already having been blessed with some heavy snows, it's not too early to think about heading to the Pear Lake Hut in Sequoia National Park for a wintry adventure.

Study Says Climate Change Could Make Yosemite National Park Hotter Than Sacramento

By the end of the century, climate change could drive typical temperatures in Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Death Valley and other national parks in California more than 7 degrees hotter than they were in the later half of the 20th century, according to a new study.

Two More Hikers Missing in Sequoia National Park Turn Up OK

A father and son reported missing in Sequoia National Park earlier this week have turned up safe and sound, though far off their intended backcountry route, according to park officials.

Update: 3 Missing Sequia National Park Hikers Found, 2 Others Missing

Three hikers who were stranded by a snowstorm on Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park were rescued Thursday, but two other hikers were reported missing, according to park officials.

Reader Participation Day: What Parks Lure You In Winter?

Winter is but two months or so away, which prompts the question: Do you plan any winter national park adventures, or do you simply dream about them?

The Role of Partnerships in the National Park System

Can you imagine what would be missing in the national parks if not for partnerships forged with non-profit groups?

Dark Skies in National Parks Make It Easy to Spot the Space Station: Here's How to Look for It

Here's the information you need to see the International Space Station as it arcs across the night sky. A great place to do that is in a national park beyond the reach of urban light pollution and skyline clutter.

Travel Delays Up to 1 Hour Possible in Sequoia National Park

For the rest of the month, travelers to Sequoia National Park could find themselves parked for upwards of an hour along the Generals Highway between the Highway 198 park entrance and Giant Forest.

Appellate Court Says National Park Service Violated First Amendent By Requiring Permits for Free Speech

In an ironic development considering its role in tracking the nation's history and its efforts to preserve civility in national parks, the National Park Service's practice of requiring permits for public gatherings, demonstrations, or "expressions of views" has been found unconstitutional by an appellate court.
NPS-Free Speech Ruling.pdf82.02 KB

Odds and Ends from Around the National Park System: Interior's Transparency Woes, Plowing Hurricane Ridge, and More

A look around the National Park System finds an interesting potpourri of issues, from the Interior Department's struggles with transparency and a move to see Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park kept open-year round to campfire restrictions in Kings Canyon and Sequoia national parks.

Reader Participation Day: California, or Utah, For A National Park Trek?

If you had the option of either traveling to Utah for a swing through its national parks, or to California to sample its national parks, which would you choose?

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agrees Whitebark Pine Trees Might Need ESA Protection

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials announced Tuesday that the agency will take a closer look at whether whitebark pine trees, a key food source for some grizzly bear populations as well as birds and squirrels, need protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Odds and Ends from Around the National Park System

A climbing death in Yosemite, a new recreation site at the Delaware Water Gap NRA, and a question on whether to force climbers to wear helmets are among the odds and ends that have recently crossed our computer screens.

Helitak Program at Sequoia and Kings Canyon Marks 50 Years of Flying

Current and former members of the park's helitack crew are pictured with the A-S
The National Park Service employs men and women in some unusual and occasionally dramatic jobs, and one of those—a helitak crew—celebrated a milestone anniversary this month at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.

Bighorn Sheep Study Being Proposed For Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks

How important are the high-country meadows of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks for bighorn sheep that summer in the two parks? That's a question researchers want to answer through a study that would involve placing radio collars on a few dozen sheep.

ReserveAmerica Can't Find a National Park Campground It Likes

ReserveAmerica, the company that manages camping reservations for the National Park System and other federal agencies, can't seem to find a national park campground it likes. In listing its "Top 100 Family Campgrounds," the company doesn't cite a single national park campground.

Let's Stay Safe In the National Parks This Summer, Okay?

Summer's arrival and the height of the vacation season is filling the National Park System with folks and families looking to relax, kick back, and enjoy being together in fabulous settings. Let's just not forget to be safe out there, though.

Mule Packers from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Prove They're Among the Best in the Business

Park packer in contest.
The ability to "pack a mule" so the animals can safely carry anything from beans to bolts is perhaps as much art as science, and it's a skill that's still in demand in backcountry areas. A team from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks recently won a number of awards during a competition to determine the World Champion Pack Team

Shuttle Buses Ready to Roll in Sequoia National Park

It soon will be a bit easier to get around the heart of Sequoia National Park. Beginning next Thursday, May 27, the Giant Forest shuttle system will crank back into operation for the summer season.

An Idea in Trouble: Thoughts about the Future of Traditional National Parks in the United States

Historians point out that ideas, and the organizations associated with them, sometimes age and lose their relevance. Today, as the National Park Service (NPS) approaches the centennial of its establishment, the agency faces huge potential problems with its founding mission and subsequent land management policies.

Parks Are Well-Represented in the Latest National Register of Big Trees

The General Sherman tree.
How would you determine if a tree qualifies as a "national champion"? The National Register of Big Trees has the answers, and the 70th anniversary edition of that list just been released in a new online format. Sites in the National Park System are well-represented, including the home of "the earth's largest living thing."

Typically Californian: Winery Partners With Sequoia Parks Foundation

Isn't this so totally Californian: A winery is partnering with the Sequoia Parks Foundation to help fund research, restoration, and education pertaining to the mighty sequoias found in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks.

Public Input Sought On Work to Update Sequoia National Park's Mineral King Management Plan

With work on the horizon to rewrite the management plan for Kings Canyon National Park, park officials are seeking public input on what changes they should consider in the plan.

How Will Wildfires Impact The National Park Landscape This Summer?

Winter has been pretty fluky across the United States, with heavy snows taking aim at the Mid-Atlantic and Sierra states, cold weather diving deeply into the Southeast, torrential rains hitting the Northeast, and quick warming baking the Midwest. With such a mix, what might we expect from the coming wildfire season across the National Park System?

National Park Quiz 80: Water

All of these statements about National Park System water bodies are true except one. Can you find the ringer? The answer and explanations are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “If there is any magic on this planet, it is water.”

Tree-Ring Research in Sequoia National Park is Hard Work with Important Payoffs

Tree ring data obtained from 52 ancient trees in Sequoia National Park has provided scientists with 3,000 years of record. It didn’t come easy, though. Working with the gargantuan trees required special equipment, ingenuity, and heavy labor.

Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park Officials Want To Replace Three Backcountry Cabins Located in Wilderness Areas

Officials in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks want to replace three dilapidated backcountry ranger cabins, which, judging from photos, seems like a reasonable decision. But should they be allowed to use power tools in the wilderness settings to get the work done?
The Changing Range of Light: Portraits of the Sierra Nevada A gorgeous new book of photography that captures the seasons of the High Sierra has arrived, but it comes with a pausing message that this beautiful landscape is changing before our eyes.
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