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Never Let the Facts Get in The Way of a National Park Promotion

Yesterday I hinted that there was a lot wrong with this “Sequoia National Park” drawing on the back of a box of Safeway brand Rice Pockets Cereal. So let's look at a few things that are wrong, then solve the question of what, if anything, is right.

Keeping Tabs On How National Parks Are Promoted

There's a lot of marketing of national parks going on out there in the business world, but is it always accurate? Read on and see if you believe it is.

How Do You Scare a 300-Pound Black Bear? Science Has Some Answers

Bear crossing road.
How can wildlife managers scare bears to discourage them from getting too comfortable around people—and their food? That's an important question for the sake of both bruins and humans, and new information gathered in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks offers some answers.

Superintendent Named for Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Karen Taylor-Goodrich, who has spent the past six years as the National Park Service's associate director for visitor and resource protection, is heading West to become superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, Park Service Director Jon Jarvis announced Monday.

Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park Offers Winter Lodging Packages

In the wake of the potent winter storm that swept through the Sierra earlier this week, this offer from the folks at Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park seems particularly well-timed.

Could the Diminutive Pika Succeed Where the Polar Bear Failed In Battling Climate Change?

During my six-month internship with the Student Conservation Association, I had the opportunity to collect data for a field study on the habitat effects of climate change. Our crew of four searched for pikas while backpacking along the rocky slopes of California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada. We came to understand several traits of the pika that could make this elusive alpine mammal an important ally in the movement to stop climate change.

Winter: The Perfect Time To Plan Your Long-Distance Trek Along National Scenic Trails

Winter is a season for planning. How better to pass some of those long, cold, snowy nights than before the fire or a the kitchen table with guidebooks and maps, calculators and checklists? And if you’re thinking of tackling one of the country’s long-distance hiking trails, planning is definitely not over-rated. Here’s a look at some of the trails that pass through parts of the National Park System, and what planning assistance is out there.

Group Asks Public To Support Removal Of Trout From Some Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Park Lakes

Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks officials want to remove non-native trout from some lakes that naturally were fishless in a bid to save a yellow-legged frog. Now a group says trout should be removed from all lakes in the two parks that originally were fishless.

Winter Lodging Specials at Sequoia National Park

Still unchecked on my national park "to-do" list is a winter visit to Sequoia National Park with snowshoes and XC skis in tow. The folks at Wuksachi Lodge are trying to entice me with winter specials.

Missing Hiker Found Deceased on Flanks of Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park

A 73-year-old hiker missing on Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park since earlier this week was found dead Saturday, park officials said.

Search Expands for Missing Hiker On Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park

Searchers planned to expand their efforts Friday to find a 73-year-old hiker who set out on a day hike to the summit of Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park.

Search Under Way for Missing Hiker on Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park

Ground and air teams were searching Thursday for a missing 73-year-old hiker who failed to return from a day hike to the summit of Mount Whitney in Sequoia National Park.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Set to Work on EIS for Yellow-Legged Frog Recovery

Not too long ago fisheries experts in the High Sierra realized that if they removed non-native trout from high-elevation lakes, they could boost fragile populations of a small frog that once was widespread throughout the range. Now Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks want to remove trout from slightly more than 80 of the parks' 560 lakes and ponds to give the mountain yellow-legged frog a chance for survival.

Battle Against Marijuana Growers Temporarily Closes Crystal Cave at Sequoia National Park

The latest chapter in the battle against marijuana farms in national parks led to the temporary closure of Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park while rangers swooped in on a growing operation with an estimated street value of $20 million.

Sequoia National Park's Crystal Cave: Time For Some Serious Upgrades

Crumbling infrastructure. Pitiful toilets. Overrun habitat. Those are just some of the things that have Sequoia National Park officials wanting to do some major restoration and rehabilitation work at Crystal Cave. And so they're asking for your thoughts on the proposal.

Fall Lodging Deals Starting To Arrive; Here's One for Sequoia National Park

It's hard to believe summer's almost over. But with the fall lodging deals starting to arrive, you know it must be true. If you've always wanted to visit Sequoia National Park in the fall, this might be the perfect opportunity.

Climate Change and National Parks: A Survival Guide for a Warming World -- Yellow-Legged Frogs of the Sierra Nevada

The mountain yellow-legged frog was once one of the most abundant vertebrates in the Sierra Nevada. The flash of its yellow legs could be seen and the echo of its croaking could be heard across the Sierra’s alpine lakes, even those nestled at 12,000 feet that contain watery habitats typically too cold for amphibians. Unfortunately, that empire began to crumble as long ago as 1850 when non-native trout were first transplanted into some of those lakes to increase fishing opportunities.

Just Down the Hallway: Saving Money at a National Park Lodge by Choosing a Room without a Private Bathroom

Even experienced travelers often are surprised to learn that some national park lodges still offer rooms without a private bathroom. In fact, in making a reservation at one of the lodges you might discover there is no choice other than a room that requires use of a community bathroom. While European visitors are not surprised and might even expect rooms without a private bathroom, many U.S. travelers don’t look kindly on the need to use a bathroom that is just down the hallway.

Fall From Tokopah Falls Kills Visitor to Sequoia National Park

A 19-year-old visitor to Sequoia National Park was killed Monday when he fell about 50 feet from Tokopah Falls, according to the National Park Service.

Busted: Law Enforcement Task Forces Wipe Out 71 Marijuana Operations in Kings Canyon National Park

A two-week operation involving various law enforcement agencies has wiped out 71 marijuana growing operations in Kings Canyon National Park and led to the arrests of more than 80 individuals tied to Mexican drug cartels.

Speleologists from All Over the World Tour and Study National Park Caves

The Park Service co-sponsored this year’s International Congress of Speleology (ICS), which has been going on all week in Kerrville, Texas. Many of the 1,300 participants signed up for field trips that included guided tours of developed and wild caves within NPS units.

Triple-Digit Temps, Cool, Swift Waters Led to Drownings at Sequoia National Park

Hot summer temperatures reaching into the triple digits and cool, swift-running waters conspired last weekend to claim the lives of two young girls who looked to the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River in Sequoia National Park for momentary relief from the heat, according to park officials.

Second Drowning In Two Days at Sequoia National Park Claims 14-Year-Old

For the second time in two days, in the same stretch of river, a young girl has drowned at Sequoia National Park.

Young Girl Drowns in Middle Fork of the Kaweah River in Seqouia National Park

A young California girl enjoying a hot summer afternoon in Sequoia National Park drowned in the Middle Fork of the Kaweah River near Hospital Rock when the current swept her through some rapids and trapped her under a rock.

Dry Conditions Lead to Fire Restrictions at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Fire restrictions were put into place Friday in Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks as officials try to cope with extremely dry conditions across the two parks.

The National Park to Park Highway

In the early 1900s, some national parks existed, but getting to them was problematic. Then was born the idea to develop a "National Park-to-Park Highway," one that would run through 11 states and connect 13 national parks.

Roadwork In Sequoia National Park to Snarl Traffic For a While

Wouldn't it be great if roadwork could be done during the off-season months, say November through April? Sadly, the weather makes that difficult and so you'll have to tolerate traffic at a snail's pace at times if you head to Sequoia National Park this summer.

Don't Take National Park Landscapes for Granted

How comfortable have we become with national park settings? With the big sweep of granite that frames the Yosemite Valley, with Old Faithful's not-quite-so-faithful demonstrations of steam and hot water, with the fall's colorful deciduous forests of Great Smoky and Shenandoah?

Billing For Search and Rescue Missions -- Yes, or No?

Should search-and-rescue subjects be billed for the cost of their rescue? It's long been a thorny issue, one that organizations that respond to SARs long have opposed.
NASAR-Position Statement.pdf34.04 KB
NASAR-Refusing Help.pdf53.23 KB

Staying Safe and How Not to Become A SAR Statistic in the National Park System

If you subconsciously want to become a search-and-rescue statistic in the National Park System, your best chance would be in either Grand Canyon National Park, Gateway National Recreation Area, or Yosemite National Park.
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