Voyageurs National Park

Biologists Believe Moose Population At Voyageurs National Park Is Stable

The moose population at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota appears to be stable in comparison with recent years, with an estimated 46 individuals.

Voyageurs National Park Looking For Teen Ambassadors

Teenagers from the Minnesota are being sought to participate in the 2nd annual National Park Teen Ambassador program in Voyageurs National Park.

Voyageurs National Park Has Three New Shelters For Snowmobilers, Skiers, And Snowshoers

Snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, and even snowshoers can warm up in Voyageurs National Park now that three shelters have been assembled along the park's snowmobile trails.

Voyageurs National Park To Capture Moose And Wolves For Long-Term Studies

A half dozen moose, and a couple wolves, are to be captured in Voyageurs National Park so they can be fitted with collars that will track their movements and gather information to help biologists understand how they're responding to climate change.

Series Of Snowshoe Hikes Planned At Voyageurs National Park

A weekly ranger-led snowshoe hike, including one by moonlight, is scheduled at Voyageurs National Park through the next month.

Winter Snowshoe Adventure Planned At Voyageurs National Park

If you enjoy the dark, don't mind the cold, and like to explore by snowshoe, considering joining the Night Light Snowshoe Hike at Voyageurs national Park later this month.

Voyageurs National Park Officials To Continue Discussions Into Proposed Campsite Reservation System

A proposal to establish a campsite reservation system at Voyageurs National Park will be the topic up for discussion next week in Minnesota.

Ice Conditions Improving, But Not Perfect, At Voyageurs National Park

Ice conditions are improving at Voyageurs National Park for fishing and snowmobiling, but they're not perfect, according to park officials.

Creature Feature: Gray Wolves At Voyageurs National Park

Gray wolves are fairly well-known to be loping about Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, and Isle Royale national parks. But they're also roaming the forests of Voyageurs National Park.

Snowmobile Industry Works With Park Partners To Install Warming Huts At Voyageurs National Park

Three new warming huts are going up in Voyageurs National Park thanks to a donation from a major player in the snowmobile industry.

Ghostly Tales From The National Parks: Voyageurs National Park

Ghostly encounters aren't commonplace in the National Park System, but then, they're not unheard of, either, as we'll point out in a series of stories this week. The first is from Voyageurs National Park.

Reader Participation Day: Should Campground Reservations Be Mandatory In The National Park System?

Should campground reservations be mandatory in the National Park System, or should all campsites be on a first-come, first-served basis?

Wilderness Program Introduces Teens To The Outdoors At Voyageurs National Park

The call of the wild greeted a group of big city teens who were treated to four days in Voyageurs National Park, a trip that included the sighting of a lone wolf.

Is A Campsite Reservation System Needed At Voyageurs National Park?

Is a campsite reservation system needed at Voyageurs National Park? That's the question park officials are asking, and in light of the fact that you need a boat to reach the park's campsites, it might be a good one.

Enjoy The Perseid Meteor Showers In The National Parks

This coming weekend will be the perfect time to be camping in the backcountry of a national park, or at least visiting a national park that doesn't suffer from light pollution. That's because the annual Perseid Meteor Showers are scheduled to arrive Saturday, and a dark sky is the best sky to observe them.

Parks Offer Opportunities To Watch Venus Transit On Tuesday

If you're out in the parks this week, check to see if the park you're in is offering a viewing of the "Venus transit" that will occur Tuesday afternoon. Units from Arches to Voyageurs national parks will be offering special viewing of the celestial event.

Survey Shows Slight Drop In Number Of Incubating Bald Eagle Nests At Voyageurs National Park

A slight drop in the number of bald eagle nests with eggs has been recorded at Voyageurs National Park during the annual survey earlier this month.

Friends Group Brings 61 Acres To Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park is in line to grow by more than 61 acres thanks to a purchase of lakefront property made by the Voyageurs National Park Association.

Spring In the National Parks: Where Can You Find Wildflowers?

Spring is showing up in more and more corners of the country, which means it's a perfect time to check out what's blooming in the National Park System. Here's a quick list of some reliable sites to catch wildflowers in the weeks ahead.

Biologists To Fit Moose, Wolves at Voyageurs National Park With GPS Collars

With hopes of learning more about the lives of moose and wolves, and whether climate change is impacting them, technicians at Voyageurs National Park will be fitting six moose and two gray wolves with GPS collars.

Birding in The National Parks: Bald Eagles No Longer A Ghost Bird in the National Parks

I lowered my binoculars and muttered, “Oh, it’s just another eagle.” With that statement I recognized a few years ago that I officially had started taking Bald Eagles for granted.

House GOP Expected To Resume Push To Exempt Border Patrol From Environmental Laws Across National Parks

When Congress returns to Washington later this month, watch for Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee to resume a push to exempt the Border Patrol from a wide variety of environmental and National Park Service regulations.

NPCA Opens Office In St. Paul, Minnesota

The National Parks Conservation Association, which operates a number of offices across the country to stay on top of national park issues, has opened an office in St. Paul, Minnesota, to keep an eye on parks in the Upper Midwest.

A Potpourri of Suggestions For Visiting The National Park System This Winter

Just because winter is on its way and the weather is turning gray and colder, that doesn't mean there aren't great places to enjoy in the National Park System. Here are some random suggestions.

Group Formulating Plan To Promote Voyageurs National Park to the World

A non-profit organization, Destination Voyageurs National Park, is working to promote the wonders of the national park to far-flung audiences that might not be aware of the park.

By the Numbers: Voyageurs National Park

This northern Minnesota park's waterway system, consisting of four large island-studded lakes connected by narrows, was once the route of the French-Canadian voyageurs. A large peninsula with a glaciated, boreal forest landscape completes the ensemble.

Eight Campsites Closed Due to Nesting Eagles In Voyageurs National Park Now Open for Business

With a critical point in bald eagle nesting having passed, a handful of campsites in Voyageurs National Park that had been closed due to the birds have reopened for visitors, according to park officials.

75 Bald Eagle Nests Spotted In Voyageurs National Park, 37 With Eggs Being Incubated

The annual count of bald eagle nests in Voyageurs National Park has tallied 75 nests, although only 37 of them were seen with adults incubating eggs, according to park officials.

Voyageurs National Park Rebuilding Rock Wall At Ellsworth Rock Gardens

If you've ever wondered how to build a drylaid stone wall, plan to visit Voyageurs National Park in mid-July when a master stone mason will show you how while rebuilding a wall at the Ellsworth Rock Gardens.
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