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National Park Quiz 91: Hearts

Our quiz theme this month is apropos of February-the-Valentine- month. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we'll make you buy the quizmeister a big box of chocolates. Cream centers.

Warm Up to Ice Fishing at Voyageurs National Park

Think ice fishing is little more than cutting a hole in the ice and dropping a line into the water? To learn some of the nuances, plan to visit Voyageurs National Park later this month for some tips from a pro.

More Voyageurs National Park Moose To be Collared For Climate Change, Population Research

They collar moose at Voyageurs National Park. And by doing this, biologists and ecologists can learn not only how the animals are coping with warming weather related to climate change, but how different land-management techniques affect them.
Paddle North: Canoeing the Boundary Waters-Quetico Wilderness If you prefer the steady dip of a paddle over a footstep down a path, a new book about canoeing from Greg Breining is a book of dreams.

End of Summer Season Coming For Mount Rainier, Voyageurs National Parks and Cedar Breaks National Monument

If you live near, or can travel to, Mount Rainier or Voyageurs national parks, or Cedar Breaks National Monument, for one last fall fling, now's the time to do it.

National Park Hospitality Association Wants More Lodging In The Parks

There are units of the National Park System, such as Canyonlands, North Cascades, and Great Smoky Mountains national parks, just to name three, that have little or no lodging within their borders. It's just such a lack of facilities, believes Derrick Crandall, that serves as a drag on visitation to the park system.
Crandall Testimony 9-23-10.pdf40.31 KB

National Geographic's Trails Illustrated Division Ships New Maps on Great Smoky, Voyageurs National Parks

Maps are wonderful things to have, even if you do no more with them than pull them out, ponder over them for a while, and then return them to safe storage. New releases from National Geographic's Trails Illustrated division give you more reason to dream about exploring the National Park System.

Popular Junior Ranger Program is Expanding to Add "Let's Move Outside" Activities

The popular Junior Ranger Program, which lets kids earn a patch, badge, certificate or similar award for completing activities in many national parks, is expanding to include Let's Move Outside, which encourages physical activity for youngsters. The program is now underway in 36 parks, with more being added before summer's end.

Help Friends Groups Help the National Parks

Throughout the year my mailbox is filled with solicitations from various causes, among them national park-related events and projects. Here's a look at just some of the latest you might consider giving to.

Bald Eagle Nesting in Voyageurs National Park Leads to Temporary Closures

Some portions of Voyageurs National Park have been placed off-limits, temporarily, to give nesting bald eagles a little peace and quiet while they raise their broods.

Voyageurs National Park To Have New Headquarters Complex In 2011

Planning is under way to land the staff at Voyageurs National Park a new headquarters facility at International Falls, Minnesota, next year.

National Park Quiz 80: Water

All of these statements about National Park System water bodies are true except one. Can you find the ringer? The answer and explanations are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “If there is any magic on this planet, it is water.”

Voyageuers National Park Officials Mulling Reservation and Fee System for Campsites

A reservation and fee system is being considered in Voyageurs National Park for 17 campsites on the interior of the Kabetogama Peninsula. Park officials are taking public comment on the proposal through May 1.

Ice Roads Offer a Unique Way to See Voyageurs National Park during the Winter

Vehicles on the ice road
During most of the year, if you want to really see Voyageurs National Park you'll need a boat. Nearly a third of the area in the park is water, but during the winter months in northern Minnesota, that water definitely changes character. Until the weather begins to warm, you can drive your car near several islands via the park's ice roads.

A Look at Some More Somewhat Unusual Lodges in the National Park System

If you're looking for a national park lodge that isn't on everybody's tongue, you might want to consider one of the following.

Voyageurs National Park Biologists Looking For a Few Good Moose to Collar For Climate-Change Studies

If all goes as expected, 14 moose that roam Voyageurs National Park soon will be wearing the latest in radio-collar technology. Not only will the collars track the animals' movements, but they're expected to shed some light on how the moose are reacting to climate change, as they'll also keep tabs on the air temperature wherever the moose roam.

They Teach How To Lace Snowshoes At Voyageurs National Park

Most snowshoes made these days have decking made out of Hypalon, a synthetic rubber fabric. But if you head to Voyageurs National Park in late January, you can be schooled in the art of lacing snowshoes the old-fashioned way, with rawhide.

Ice In Voyageurs National Park Is Getting Thick, But Not Enough To Safely Support Travelers

Ahhh, you know winter is almost at full force when the folks at Voyageurs National Park start issuing advisories on ice conditions in the park.

Voyageurs National Park Slowly Working to Acquire Inholdings

Across the National Park System there are millions of privately held acres that fall within the boundaries of national parks. Recently, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area was able to acquire one small parcel that otherwise might have been developed. Voyageurs National Park is just one other example where efforts are ongoing to acquire inholdings.

Boundary Markers Coming Down at Voyageurs National Park for the Winter

With winter not too far off, the marker buoys will soon be coming down at Voyageurs National Park. And that means if you're hunting in the area, you better know where the park is.

National Park Mystery Photo 12 Revealed: It's Voyageurs National Park

Change. Sometimes it's just easier to notice it from overhead. That was the point of this week's Mystery Photo, which surfaced from Voyageurs National Park.

National Park Week: Lot's Going On Out There Across the System

While every day of the year offers opportunities to explore the National Park System and learn something about this unique collection of properties, once a year the president proclaims "National Park Week" with hopes folks will get out and enjoy the parks. This year that week starts Saturday, April 18, and runs through next Saturday, April 26.

Building a Tour Boat For Voyageurs National Park Can't Be Done Overnight

While Voyageurs National Park received permission and the funding to purchase a new tour boat, it's going to take just a little while for that cruiser to show up in Rainy Lake.

Survey Spots 45 Moose in Voyageurs National Park, Which Puts Total Population Around 80

How many moose reside in Voyageurs National Park? Well, the 2009 winter survey spotted 45 Alces alces, but biologists believe that translates to a park-wide population of at least 80.

What's Up Next For Voyageurs National Park's Book Club?

What do you do to pass winter in Minnesota's north country? Why, read books, of course. And if you live close to Voyageurs National Park, you become involved in the park's book club.

National Park Quiz 39: Winter

This week’s quiz will find out if you are a winterwise park visitor. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you explain why the Bergeron-Findeisen process grows snowflakes only because the equilibrium vapor pressure of water vapor with respect to ice is less than that with respect to liquid water at the same subfreezing temperature.

With Winter Hitting Much of the Country Hard, There Are Many Ski Opportunities in the National Parks

Winter, it seems, is everywhere these days. Even poor Las Vegas has been hammered (relatively speaking, of course) by a snowstorm. And Death Valley National Park has seen snowflakes this winter. So shouldn't you be planning a national park ski trip?

Gun Rules for The National Parks: Will They Really Make It Easier To Pack in the Parks?

The impending change of rules that would allow national park visitors to arm themselves stands a good chance of being placed in limbo, if not overturned, by legal challenges in the coming weeks and months. But if that doesn't happen, it'll be interesting to see how many gun owners actually follow the rules.

Voyageurs National Park Not Overlooking Halloween

Looking for a way to mark Halloween in the National Park System? Consider a visit to Voyageurs National Park this Friday for a holiday-theme naturalist hike.
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