Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Got Goats? They Do At Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

A herd of goats from Idaho has been enlisted to help clear away, er, eat native and non-native vegetation in some areas of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in California.

Park Potpourri – A Sampling of Upcoming Events in Parks Around the Country

Looking for a change of pace for your late autumn schedule? Here's a sampling of upcoming special events in several parks around the country.

Fall Spectacular: Great Autumn Hikes in the National Parks

It's hard to beat autumn for prime hiking in parks from coast to coast. This season brings fine weather to most of the country and in many locations fall foliage is an added bonus. There are more hikes in national parks that we can take in a lifetime, so here are a few suggestions for some great ones all across the nation—including some alternatives to the most heavily-visited sites.

Ranger Ingenuity 401 - Horse Rescued from Canyon at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Rescue of horse from canyon.
Urban firefighters have long been plagued by calls to rescue cats stranded in trees, but rangers at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area recently had a much bigger challenge: how to rescue an 1100-pound horse stranded in a canyon.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Considers Smoke-Free Swimming Beaches

Sunbathers at Brandy Creek Beach.
It's tough to beat a warm summer day at one of the swim beaches at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in Northern California: sun, sand, scenery, and…no tobacco smoke? The park is considering making the four designated swimming beaches free of tobacco smoking. Have an opinion? The park is holding a public meeting to gather comments.

Bronze Spike Ceremony Marks Trail Completion at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

SCA volunteers.
How many hours of hard work by volunteers and student interns does it take to build a trail? In the mountains of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, the answer is: a lot. Visitors can now enjoy the result, following a ceremony which included the driving of a bronze spike to celebrate completion of the project.

Predictions for the 2009 Wildfire Season

Firefighter and brush fire.
What might 2009 hold for wildfires, in parks and other areas? Experts at the National Interagency Fire Center have issued a fire season outlook for the next several months that provides an educated guess.

Trails at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Reopen Just in Time for Waterfall Week

Whiskeytown Falls.
All trails at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in California have reopened for the summer season—and just in time for the park's Waterfall Week. A number of trails in the park have been closed due to the risk of mudslides, after large wildfires in the park last summer.

Wildfire Victims Rescued at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Are Suspected Criminals

Three men and a teenager rescued from a wildfire at Whiskeytown National Recreation Area on Wednesday were in a closed area where a marijuana plantation had been spotted. Two undocumented Mexican nationals have been arrested and are scheduled to be deported. A third man is being treated at a burn center.

Eight of California’s 800+ Wildfires Started in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Electrical storms of remarkable ferocity surged in from the Pacific this past weekend and started more than 800 wildfires in California. At least eight fires were started in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in Shasta County. Four fires still burning Wednesday are uncontained and expected to merge.
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