Wind Cave National Park

Cave Tours, Visits To Buffalo Jump, On Tap At Wind Cave National Park This Summer

Just because "cave" is part of Wind Cave National Park's name, that doesn't mean the only thing you can do at this South Dakota destination is go underground.

Elk-Antler Poachers Busted At Wind Cave National Park

Elk antlers wind up in art, are ground into perceived aphrodisiacs, and grace fireplaces. But they're also illegal to collect in national parks, as three Minnesotans found out when they were busted last weekend in Wind Cave National Park.

Wind Cave National Park Collars Elk To Learn From Them

Not even elk at Wind Cave National Park can escape the eye in the sky these days.

High Arsenic Concentrations Lurk In Underground Lakes At Wind Cave National Park

While underground lakes at Wind Cave National Park test high for arsenic levels, they have no bearing on the safety of the park's drinking water, according to studies

Wind Cave National Park Officials To Discuss Management of "Casey Addition"

Most national park boundaries are fairly static, not growing or shrinking over the years. But Wind Cave National Park is growing by more than 5,500 acres thanks to an acquisition arranged by The Conservation Fund, and now park officials are working on a plan to manage that addition.

Reward Fund Established In Connection With Poaching Incident at Wind Cave National Park

A reward fund has been established for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the poaching of two bull elk at Wind Cave National Park.

Wind Cave National Park Rangers Investigating Apparent Poaching Case, $1000 Reward Offered

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible for shooting two elk in Wind Cave National Park.

Free Cave Tours At Wind Cave National Park Over Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Weekend

If you find yourself in South Dakota during the long Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend, swing by Wind Cave National Park to take one of the free cave tours being offered then.

Explore Wind Cave National Park With Your Kids This Winter

Winter is no reason to ignore the national parks, and at Wind Cave National Park this winter and into the spring months they're offering special programs to help you and your kids enjoy the backcountry.

Holiday Events On the Calendar At Wind Cave National Park

Do you live in South Dakota, or are you planning a trip there in mid-December? If so, stop by Wind Cave National Park, either to take part in the park's Christmas Bird Count or to enjoy the holiday open house.

Winter Brings Increased Hazards for Wildlife and Humans on Park Roads

Winter, with its lack of crowds in most parks, can be a great season for a visit ... with a caveat. While the need to use caution on snowy and icy highways should be obvious, another potential hazard may not be on your mental radar during a winter drive: wildlife on the roadway.

Call To Action: Updating The Leopold Report For National Parks in the 21st Century

Nearly 50 years after it was completed, the Leopold Report on wildlife management in the national parks is perhaps overdue for revisions to take into account the realities of climate change, sprawl, and greater visitation to the parks.

Wind Cave National Park Grows With Addition of 5,555-Acre Ranch

Rolling landscape and some history have been added to Wind Cave National Park through the acquisition of a 5,555-acre ranch made available to the National Park Service by The Conservation Fund.

Who Ya Gonna Call When Things Go Bad? Parks Host Cave Rescue Training

When emergencies occur, Americans take it for granted that trained help will arrived promptly. That doesn't happen by chance, however, and a recent training session will help prepare emergency responders in case things go wrong in some of the most challenging locations on earth: caves.

Many National Parks Get The Indian Story Wrong

Earlier this year we ran a story by former Park Service historian Richard West Sellars that examined how fully the National Park Service at Fort Laramie National Historic Site recounts the history of the 19th Century Indian Wars. The following article from Robert Pahre takes a broader look at how the National Park Service interprets Native American history.

Rainy Weather Generates Largest Visitor Day At Wind Cave National Park In 35 Years

Rainy weather, and problems at nearby Jewel Cave National Monument, are being pointed to as the reason for the largest visitor turnout at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota since August 10, 1975.

Reader Participation Day: Has The National Park Service Been Led Astray By Congress and Become A Catchall Agency?

Earlier this week we had a spirited discussion of whether the National Park Service needs to add a site to honor Cesar Chavez, who orchestrated the farm labor movement in the 1960s. That discussion nips at a larger question: Has Congress led the Park Service astray and turned it into a catchall agency?

Wind Cave National Park Elk Capture Scheduled to Start Thursday

As long as the weather allows, crews will head into Wind Cave National Park on Thursday and Friday if necessary to round up 35 elk and fit them with radio collars so their movements can be monitored.

Wind Cave National Park To Offer Series of Nature Programs For Kids

Youngsters -- ages 3 to 10 -- are the target audience for a series of nature programs being offered this winter at Wind Cave National Park.

National Park Service Establishing Protocols For Dealing With White-Nose Syndrome in Bat Populations

It looks somewhat like a dusting of confectioner's sugar, but the white coating that is showing up on more and more noses and wings of bats is the signature of a dire fungal disease that threatens to decimate bat colonies across the country.

More Black-Footed Ferrets Call Wind Cave National Park Home

Another dozen black-footed ferrets now call Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota home, the result of plague preventing their release elsewhere in the West.

Proposal For State-Federal Collaboration on Combating White-Nose Syndrome in Bats Out for Public Review

While state and federal authorities are developing a plan of attack for dealing with white-nose syndrome in bat populations, a non-profit organization is criticizing the federal government for moving too slowly on this growing problem.

In Race To Halt Spread of White-Nose Syndrome in Bats, USFWS Grants $1.6 Million For Research

In a race to contain, if not outright halt, the spread of white-nose syndrome in bats the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has awarded roughly $1.6 million for research into the cause of the disease.

Fencing Will Prevent Elk From Heading into Wind Cave National Park During Hunting Season

Elk won't have Wind Cave National Park as a sanctuary from hunters for much longer, as crews are making progress on installing a fence to keep the ungulates out of the park during the fall hunt.

Need to Cull Elk in Theodore Roosevelt National Park Points To Larger Problem Across National Park System

After much debate, discussion, and consideration, elk culling operations are scheduled to get under way in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in November, when the first of 240 volunteers will be guided into the park's South Unit with instructions to kill as many cow elk as they can.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park Turning to 240 Volunteers To Help Reduce Elk Herd

Facing too little habitat and too few predators, elk in Theodore Roosevelt National Park this fall will be targeted by a three-month-long culling operation that could bring 240 volunteers into the park's South Unit to shoot elk located by radio collar.

On Bison Science, Bison Politics, and the Rebisoning of the West

A new IUCN publication reports on the status of wild and conservation-herd bison, makes bison conservation recommendations, and stirs controversy over emotion-charged issues such as the possible "rebisoning" of large areas of former bison range.

Some Biologists Envision Wolves Controlling Elk in More National Parks, Others Say That's Impractical

There was a paper that zoomed around cyberspace a couple weeks ago, one that roamed far and wide, not unlike a young wolf seeking a territory of its own. It gathered speed as it was flicked around the Twittersphere because it focused on two subjects that captivate more than a few people -- national parks, and wolves.
Wolves-National Parks.pdf192.89 KB

Reader Participation Day: Are We Overreaching With Wildlife Management in National Parks?

How far should national park managers go when it comes to wildlife management issues? That's a controversial issue in some circles, as evidenced by the concern being raised over a proposal at Cape Cod National Seashore to poison some crows that have developed a knack for preying on piping plovers, a threatened species along the Atlantic Seaboard under the Endangered Species Act, whose nests are seemingly protected by enclosures.

Programs at Wind Cave National Park Help Kids Explore Nature

Ranger with school group.
There's been plenty of discussion lately about the need to help kids "connect" with nature, and Wind Cave National Park is doing something about it. The park is offering programs for exploring nature with children and discovering the park’s backcountry.
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