Wind Cave National Park

One of The Season's First Christmas Bird Counts is at Wind Cave National Park on Sunday

Barring bad weather, the folks at Wind Cave National Park will be counting birds on Sunday when their annual Christmas Bird Count is scheduled to be tallied.

Wind Cave National Park Plan Calls For Culling Elk Herd To Between 232-475 Animals

A mixed bag of tools -- hunting outside the park, roundups and sharpshooters inside the park -- will be available to Wind Cave National Park officials as they work to reduce their 750-head elk herd to possibly as few as 232 animals, according to a management plan recently approved.

Wind Cave National Park Overhauling Visitor Center

They're not particularly glamorous, but the renovations under way to the visitor center at Wind Cave National Park will provide utility efficiencies, enhance fire protection, and protect the park's museum collections with better climate control.

Wind Cave Bison Translocation Restocks Mexican Preserve

Twenty-three bison rounded up at Wind Cave National Park have been translocated to a Nature Conservancy-managed preserve in Mexico. The project will establish a satellite herd on grasslands in Chihuahua that were part of the species’ historic range.

Bison Will Soon Roam Again at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Thirteen bison fresh from Wind Cave National Park will soon be released in Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Destined to become one of the preserve's main attractions, the charismatic animals restore an important element of biodiversity and historical character to a national park that was established to protect one of America’s last remaining large tracts of tallgrass prairie.

Reader Participation Survey: Should Hunters Be Used to Manage National Park Wildlife?

It's fall. There's a crispness in the air, trees are painting the landscape with their colorful leaves, elk are in the rut. And in some national parks, hunters are being dispatched to tamp down those elk populations. Is that the right way to approach wildlife management in the National Park System?

With the Fall Rut Beginning, Wind Cave National Park Rangers Leading Elk Bugling Programs

One of the oddest sounds you might encounter in a national park at this time of year is the high-pitched squeal of elk. Better known as "bugling," this sound is as magical as that of a wolf howl hanging in the air.

World's Wildlife Populations Are Struggling Despite Global Pledges to Protect Biodiversity

Seven years ago, governments around the world pledged to achieve a "significant reduction" in the ongoing loss of biodiversity by 2010. Unfortunately, the latest IUCN report says that goal will not be met, and that the wildlife crisis is greater than the world's economic crisis.

Speleologists from All Over the World Tour and Study National Park Caves

The Park Service co-sponsored this year’s International Congress of Speleology (ICS), which has been going on all week in Kerrville, Texas. Many of the 1,300 participants signed up for field trips that included guided tours of developed and wild caves within NPS units.

Wind Cave National Park Rangers to Lead Night Hikes To Search For Black-footed Ferrets

It's hard to see black-footed ferrets during the day, as they're largely nocturnal creatures. Travel to Wind Cave National Park this summer, however, and you just might be able to glimpse one of these rare critters, as rangers are leading nighttime hikes to go in search of ferrets.
Wind  Cave  National  Park:  The First  100  Years  (SD) (Images of America) After deciding to write a memorable book about Wind Cave National Park, Peggy Sanders selected old photos with great care and then added skillfully crafted captions and explanations. The result is a photo-dense book that’s fun to read and hard to put down. Thank you, Peggy.

One of Our Oldest National Parks was Also the First of Its Kind in the World

A western version of the Hatfields vs. the McCoys played a role in establishment of this site, which was the first cave in the world to be designated as a national park. It was also among the first NPS areas to use fire as a natural tool to maintain the landscape—but not inside the cave!

It Breathes

The first white man to see Wind Cave was a cowboy who found the entrance when a puff of air from the cave blew off his hat. Scientists have measured gusts in excess of 70 mph coming out of the cave’s mouth. Wind Cave is a barometric cave. It blows in or out depending on the atmospheric pressure. In other words, it breathes.

There's Plenty to See Above Ground at Wind Cave National Park

If you were planning a Black Hills trip and couldn’t visit all of the area's parks, would you skip Wind Cave? That would be a mistake, even if caves don’t interest you. There's plenty to see and do above ground at Wind Cave.

Decisions on Controlling Elk in Theodore Roosevelt, Wind Cave National Parks Likely to Linger Into 2009

Don't expect a final decision this year on how the booming elk populations at Theodore Roosevelt or Wind Cave National Parks will be brought under control. National Park Service officials say they don't expect to have the National Environmental Policy Act process completed before year's end for either park.

Pruning the Parks: Delisted Over a Half-Century Ago, Fossil Cycad National Monument (1922-1956) is a Cautionary Tale

South Dakota’s Fossil Cycad National Monument was supposed to protect a geologic treasure when it was established in 1922, but its marvelous surface deposits of fossilized plants had already been stripped from the site. A bill signed into law on August 1, 1956, abolished the park, which has served ever since as a cautionary tale. If you don’t protect park resources, they won’t be there for future generations.

National Park Quiz 6: Watchable Wildlife

Wildlife viewing is a prime attraction of our national parks. Not every wildlife species we might encounter in the parks is as charismatic as a bison, a bald eagle, or a sea otter, but every species is interesting in its own way. Take this week's quiz and see whether your knowledge of watchable wildlife is as keen as you think. Answers are at the end. No peeking.

Coal-Fired Plants Obscuring National Park Vistas

On a clear day, you often can see for miles and miles. But as a report from the National Parks Conservation Association points out, clear days are harder and harder to find in our national parks under the Bush administration's relatively laissez-faire approach to coal-fired power plants.

Park History: Wind Cave National Park

Nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Wind Cave National Park preserves not only its namesake cave, but one of the last remnants of the mixed-grass prairie that once covered the majority of the Northern Plains.

Ferrets Return to Wind Cave

NPS Biological Barb Muenchau releases ferret at Wind Cave; NPS Photo.
We have had requests to share more 'good news' about the national parks. How about this: 30 years after the last ferret was seen at Wind Cave, the park has returned seven to their native habitat.
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