World War II Memorial

Interior Department Releases Preferred Plan for National Mall

The nation's front yard, frayed, rutted, and overwhelmed by millions of feet and years of neglect, is going to be given a much-needed makeover if the Interior Department can figure out how to raise at least $650 million, and likely quite a bit more.

By the Numbers: World War II Memorial

At the National World War II Memorial, the numbers speak of effort, achievement, and sacrifice on a monumental scale.
WWII Memorial: Jewel of the Mall Stephen R. Brown published his World War II Memorial photo book a full three years ago this month, but it somehow never ended up on the Traveler’s Fireside Read list. It’s high time to fix that, so let’s just dispense with the “better late than never” weasel-speak and get on with it.

World War II Sites in the National Park System

U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial; Jeremy Sullivan photographer.
Did you watch all 15 hours of the Ken Burns mega-series "The War" which wrapped up last night on PBS? I did! Having watched the series, I have wondered, what are the World War II sites managed by the National Park Service? I've come up with this list, with some parks units that you might not expect.
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