Yellowstone National Park

Call To Action: Updating The Leopold Report For National Parks in the 21st Century

Nearly 50 years after it was completed, the Leopold Report on wildlife management in the national parks is perhaps overdue for revisions to take into account the realities of climate change, sprawl, and greater visitation to the parks.

Reader Participation Day: How Do You Decide Which National Parks To Visit?

With the snows of winter on their way, most people are bringing an end to this year's travels and looking ahead to 2012. Which has us wondering: How do you decide which national parks to put on your travel calendar?

Birding in the National Parks: Track Your Birds On The Web With eBird

eBird is a helpful took courtesy of the folks at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society that makes it easier for you to keep track of your birding life-list. Let's take a closer look at how it functions.

Call To Action: Building A $1 Billion Endowment For The National Parks

An initiative to build a $1 billion endowment for national parks in these distressed economic times is bold and ambitious, one that could do much good for a National Park System that Congress has been unable, or unwilling, to fully fund. But it won't happen overnight, and it will take continued support from administrations yet to be elected.

Joan Anzelmo, After a Long National Park Service Career, Honored By NPCA

Joan Anzelmo, who can trace her National Park Service career from Yellowstone to Washington, D.C., to Grand Teton and finally to Colorado National Monument, which was her last posting before retirement, has been honored by the National Parks Conservation Association for her commitment to the Park Service ideal.

Wolf Looking For Human Handouts Euthanized By Yellowstone National Park Staff

A 110-pound gray wolf that appeared to have become too familiar with human foods was put down by Yellowstone National Park staff recently.

Taking the Long Way Home, Through Yellowstone National Park

Being able to drive through Yellowstone National Park on your way home isn't something many of us are fortunate enough to be able to do. But Contributing Writer Todd Wilkinson is one who is, and what he saw on his ride home the other day is something to evoke some jealousy.

Grizzly Bear Linked To Two Fatal Maulings in Yellowstone National Park Killed By Rangers

A grizzly sow tied to the fatal mauling of a hiker in Yellowstone National Park has been killed by rangers, and her two cubs have been placed in an educational zoo outside the park, Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk announced Monday.

Remembering Roger Kennedy: The Accessible Wild In Science and Religion

The impact the late-National Park Service Director Roger Kennedy had on the National Park Service won't be lost and can't be overestimated. In his 2008 book, Wildfire and Americans; How to Save Lives, Property, and Your Tax Dollars, Mr. Kennedy measured the values of both science and faith in protecting wildness. He presented the following talk, portions of which came from that book, in 2006 during an appearance at the University of New England.

"Adopt" A Bat, Help Yellowstone National Park

Though they might not be the most adorable or charismatic of Yellowstone National Park's creatures, bats are residents of the park. And by "adopting" one from the Yellowstone Park Foundation, you can help forward wildlife research in the park.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Planning Trail Work In Biscuit Basin Area

Every now and then a little work is needed to maintain trails in the national parks, and at Yellowstone National Park officials have a need to replace a section of trail connecting the Upper Geyser Basin near Old Faithful to Biscuit Basin.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Need More Time To Complete Winter-Use Plan

Yellowstone National Park officials said Thursday they need more time to finalize a sound, sustainable winter-use plan for the park and will continue for another winter of temporary guidelines while doing more studies.

Fall Is Ripe With Lodging Specials In Parts of the National Park System

With the calendar quickly running out on the short fall season in some parts of the National Park System, some concessionaires are responding with lodging specials that might intrigue you.

Westslope Cutthroat Trout Coming Back to Yellowstone National Park

Westslope cutthroat trout will soon be gaining another foothold in Yellowstone National Park, where fisheries biologists are working to return the native fish to Goose Lake.

Climate Study Points To Much Warmer Summers, Less Snow, For Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, like Glacier National Park, will endure hotter summers, and less snowy winters, in the coming decades due to climate change, according to projections made by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization.

New Richard Adler Fund Will Encourage Students to Create Art, Music and Poetry Inspired by National Parks

To honor renowned composer/writer Richard Adler for his contributions to the national parks, the National Park Trust has established the Richard Adler Fund for the promotion of art, music and poetry inspired by the national parks.

Team Investigating Fatal Bear Attack at Yellowstone National Park Releases Report

A report by an interagency investigation team into a fatal bear attack this past July in Yellowstone National Park has been released. It's hoped that the results might help future visitors avoid a similar tragedy.

National Park Quiz 98: Lakes

Take this quiz and see if you know as much about national park lakes as you think you do. Answers are at the end. You can peek if you feel the need.

World Heritage Field Team To Visit Yellowstone National Park To Check On Challenges

A field team representing the World Heritage Center will visit Yellowstone National Park this week to see how the park is faring against challenges ranging from climate-change impacts to fisheries issues and even recreational snowmobiling.

Reader Participation Day: What Was Your Most Memorable Ranger-Led Experience in the National Parks This Year?

What was your most memorable ranger-led activity in the National Park System this year?

Photographer Shive Honored With Ansel Adams Award

Ian Shive, who has traveled the National Park System to capture its unique and spectacular landscapes in his cameras' viewfinders, has been honored with the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography.

Firefighters Staying Busy In Yellowstone National Park

Firefighters are staying busy this month in Yellowstone National Park, where they have successfully contained one fire while fire bosses are keeping an eye on several others.

Wyoming Governor Calling For More Snowmobiles In Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming's governor believes 540 snowmobiles a day could travel through Yellowstone National Park in winter without adversely impacting wildlife, air quality, or the park's soundscape.

Travel In Style With National Park Foundation Branded Luggage

There are lots of ways to show-off your love for the national parks, from park-specific hats and pins to T-shirts. Now, through a deal orchestrated by the National Park Foundation, you can travel in style with national park-branded luggage.

Reader Participation Day: Do Grizzly Attacks Have You Leery of Hiking in Yellowstone National Park?

With two fatal grizzly maulings in Yellowstone National Park this summer, it's understandable if some feel intimidated about hiking in the park's backcountry. Would you cancel a hike because of those incidents?

Windy Weekend Weather Blows Fire In Yellowstone National Park To 1,100 Acres

Steady winds during the Labor Day weekend helped spread the Point Fire in Yellowstone National Park to 1,100 acres, while fires elsewhere in the park remained comparatively small.

National Park Service Working With IUCN To Bolster National Park Protection World-Wide

Though the national park movement is more than a century old, efforts are ongoing to support that movement and enhance the protection of national park lands globally. Recently the National Park Service bolstered those efforts by agreeing to work with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature on the support of parks and other protected areas world-wide.
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