Yellowstone National Park

Fall Is Ripe With Lodging Specials In Parts of the National Park System

With the calendar quickly running out on the short fall season in some parts of the National Park System, some concessionaires are responding with lodging specials that might intrigue you.

Westslope Cutthroat Trout Coming Back to Yellowstone National Park

Westslope cutthroat trout will soon be gaining another foothold in Yellowstone National Park, where fisheries biologists are working to return the native fish to Goose Lake.

Climate Study Points To Much Warmer Summers, Less Snow, For Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, like Glacier National Park, will endure hotter summers, and less snowy winters, in the coming decades due to climate change, according to projections made by the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization.

New Richard Adler Fund Will Encourage Students to Create Art, Music and Poetry Inspired by National Parks

To honor renowned composer/writer Richard Adler for his contributions to the national parks, the National Park Trust has established the Richard Adler Fund for the promotion of art, music and poetry inspired by the national parks.

Team Investigating Fatal Bear Attack at Yellowstone National Park Releases Report

A report by an interagency investigation team into a fatal bear attack this past July in Yellowstone National Park has been released. It's hoped that the results might help future visitors avoid a similar tragedy.

National Park Quiz 98: Lakes

Take this quiz and see if you know as much about national park lakes as you think you do. Answers are at the end. You can peek if you feel the need.

World Heritage Field Team To Visit Yellowstone National Park To Check On Challenges

A field team representing the World Heritage Center will visit Yellowstone National Park this week to see how the park is faring against challenges ranging from climate-change impacts to fisheries issues and even recreational snowmobiling.

Reader Participation Day: What Was Your Most Memorable Ranger-Led Experience in the National Parks This Year?

What was your most memorable ranger-led activity in the National Park System this year?

Photographer Shive Honored With Ansel Adams Award

Ian Shive, who has traveled the National Park System to capture its unique and spectacular landscapes in his cameras' viewfinders, has been honored with the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography.

Firefighters Staying Busy In Yellowstone National Park

Firefighters are staying busy this month in Yellowstone National Park, where they have successfully contained one fire while fire bosses are keeping an eye on several others.

Wyoming Governor Calling For More Snowmobiles In Yellowstone National Park

Wyoming's governor believes 540 snowmobiles a day could travel through Yellowstone National Park in winter without adversely impacting wildlife, air quality, or the park's soundscape.

Travel In Style With National Park Foundation Branded Luggage

There are lots of ways to show-off your love for the national parks, from park-specific hats and pins to T-shirts. Now, through a deal orchestrated by the National Park Foundation, you can travel in style with national park-branded luggage.

Reader Participation Day: Do Grizzly Attacks Have You Leery of Hiking in Yellowstone National Park?

With two fatal grizzly maulings in Yellowstone National Park this summer, it's understandable if some feel intimidated about hiking in the park's backcountry. Would you cancel a hike because of those incidents?

Windy Weekend Weather Blows Fire In Yellowstone National Park To 1,100 Acres

Steady winds during the Labor Day weekend helped spread the Point Fire in Yellowstone National Park to 1,100 acres, while fires elsewhere in the park remained comparatively small.

National Park Service Working With IUCN To Bolster National Park Protection World-Wide

Though the national park movement is more than a century old, efforts are ongoing to support that movement and enhance the protection of national park lands globally. Recently the National Park Service bolstered those efforts by agreeing to work with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature on the support of parks and other protected areas world-wide.

Join A Ranger To Watch Raptors In Yellowstone National Park's Hayden Valley On Sept 10

A ranger will lead a raptor-watching program in Yellowstone National Park on Saturday, September 10.

Many National Parks Get The Indian Story Wrong

Earlier this year we ran a story by former Park Service historian Richard West Sellars that examined how fully the National Park Service at Fort Laramie National Historic Site recounts the history of the 19th Century Indian Wars. The following article from Robert Pahre takes a broader look at how the National Park Service interprets Native American history.

Updated: Investigation Continues Into Yellowstone National Park Bear Mauling

An investigation continued Friday into the fatal mauling of a Michigan man in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park, though efforts to trap the bear responsible have been unsuccessful.

Not Too Early To Book Winter Adventure At Yellowstone National Park

Sure, it's still August, and the hot, humid weather just won't stop in many sections of the country. You can envision cooler weather, though, by considering a winter trek to Yellowstone National Park.

Reader Participation Day: How Many National Parks Do You Want To Visit In Your Lifetime?

Is 'bagging all of the national parks' a goal you've set for yourself?

Updated: Hiker In Yellowstone National Park Died From Grizzly Attack

A hiker whose body was found in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park was killed by a grizzly bear, according to autopsy results released Monday by park officials.

National Park Service Issues 5-Year "Call To Action" Plan For Moving Toward Its Second Century

A more expansive, and inclusive, National Park System, stronger educational outreach, and a revised approach for managing today's natural and cultural resource challenges are among goals laid out in a blueprint for leading the National Park Service into its second century.

More Than 105,000 Sign NPCA's Petition In Support of National Park Funding

Memo to Congress: Don't cut national park funding.

Bear Watching Mayhem In Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Bears in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks have been in the news a bit this summer, both because of their behavior and the behavior of tourists watching the bears. The following column, which Todd Wilkinson posted on his Wildlife Art Journal site the other day, will have you scratching your head over how there haven't been more bear-human incidents this summer.

Barrage Of Lightning Strikes Spawns Six Fires Across Yellowstone National Park

A barrage of lightning strikes -- nearly 700 in a 24-hour period -- has ignited six wildfires in Yellowstone National Park, though none are more than one acre in size.

Hiker Found Dead In Yellowstone National Park

An investigation was continuing Saturday into the death of a hiker whose body was found in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park.

Small Fires Burning In Yellowstone National Park's Backcountry

After a wet spring, summer has gotten increasingly drier in the Rocky Mountains, and in Yellowstone National Park that has boosted fire danger and sparked some fires. On Thursday alone five new blazes were spotted in the park.
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