Yellowstone National Park

Reader Participation Day: Visit Wyoming's National Parks, or Those in Washington State?

It was quite a battle last week when we asked whether you would rather visit Utah's national parks or those in California. Well, here's another head-scratcher: Would you first head to Wyoming and Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, or Washington State with Olympic, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier national parks?

John Wessels Appointed Director of National Park Service's Intermountain Region

John Wessels, who has served as the National Park Service’s Intermountain Region associate director for administration, business and technology since 2004, has been named director of the region, the largest in the agency.

Yellowstone Association Announces its Winter Lineup of Field Courses

When better than in the middle of a long, hot summer to plan your winter vacation to Yellowstone National Park? The Yellowstone Association Institute just published its winter course list to help you begin planning your getaway.

National Park Service Extends Comment Period on Proposal To Vaccinate Yellowstone Bison

A plan to use air rifles to vaccinate Yellowstone National Park bison against brucellosis apparently is more controversial than initially thought. Park Service officials say due to interest and concerns over the project, they're extending the comment period on the draft Environmental Impact Statement another 60 days.

"Beach Fire" In Yellowstone National Park Nearly 50% Contained

Somewhat favorable weather conditions -- low winds, temperatures in the 70s, 20-some percent humidity -- are helping firefighters in their efforts to contain the Beach Fire in Yellowstone National Park.

Vice President Biden Heading to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon National Parks

While President Obama headed to Acadia National Park last weekend for a three-day vacation, Vice President Biden is heading to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Canyon National Park to check up on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Offer Six -- 6 -- Alternatives For Winter-Use Plan

Yellowstone National Park officials, obviously looking to show some flexibility, are offering six alternatives for how best to manage winter-use in the park, ranging from plowing roads and phasing out snowmobiles in lieu of snowcoaches to completely banning over-the-snow travel.

Bison That Charged Yellowstone National Park Visitors Was Provoked

The other day two hikers in the Biscuit Basin area of Yellowstone National Park were charged by a bison, and one was head-butted and flipped into the air. Initially, the park's report sounded as if the bison attacked unprovoked. But this video shows differently.

Update: Yellowstone's Beach Fire is Now Over 500 Acres

Firefighters continue to battle the fire that started in Yellowstone National Park last Sunday near Beach Lake. By late Wednesday night the fire was 515 acres in size and was less than 25% contained. All park roads, entrances, and facilities remain open and no trails or backcountry campsites are impacted.

"Beach Fire" In Yellowstone National Park Nearing 400 Acres

A fire burning in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park not far from the Bridge Bay Campground was nearing 400 acres in size, park officials said Tuesday.

Body of Missing Oklahoma Man Found in Yellowstone National Park

The body of an Oklahoma man who vanished into the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park during the Memorial Day Weekend has been found not far from where he left his rental car, park officials said Tuesday.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agrees Whitebark Pine Trees Might Need ESA Protection

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials announced Tuesday that the agency will take a closer look at whether whitebark pine trees, a key food source for some grizzly bear populations as well as birds and squirrels, need protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Crews Battling 150-acre Fire in Yellowstone National Park South of Bridge Bay

Crews on the ground and in the air were battling a 150-acre wildfire in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park on Monday.

Independent Review Calls on National Park Service To Bolster Its Natural Resource Stewardship and Science

National Park Service managers must do a better job "to advance natural resource stewardship and science" throughout the agency, according to an independent review of the Park Service's Natural Resource Stewardship and Science Directorate.

One More Request For Your Help In Keeping The Traveler On-line

As we bring an end to our week-long fund-raising drive to keep the Traveler on-line, we'd like to thank the many readers who responded with donations, and make a final request to those sitting on the fence.

Biscuit Basin In Yellowstone National Park Reopens With New Boardwalk

After nearly four months of cutting decking and pounding nails, a new boardwalk through the colorful Biscuit Basin thermal area in Yellowstone National Park has reopened to the public.

Angler Dies After Falling Into Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park

An angler from Iowa died in Yellowstone National Park after falling into the Yellowstone River near Mud Volcano, according to park officials.

Motorcylist Dies in Head-on Collision in Yellowstone National Park, Passenger Injured

A head-on collision between a motorcycle and a motor-home in Yellowstone National Park has left a Minnesota man dead and a young girl hospitalized, park officials reported today.

Trolley Tours Come To Crater Lake National Park

Glacier National Park has its Red Jammers, Yellowstone National Park has its National Park Buses, and now Crater Lake National Park has its trolleys.

June Brings A Record Crowd To Yellowstone National Park

Well, the economy might be lousy, and gas prices might be uncomfortable, but that's not stopping folks from heading to Yellowstone National Park. A record 694,841 visitors to Yellowstone were counted in June.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Working on Management Plan for Lake Area

One of the most gorgeous areas in Yellowstone National Park is the area surrounding Yellowstone Lake. There a mix of wilderness-quality vistas and the self-contained Lake Village offer a varied experience for park visitors. How should the Park Service manage this mix in the years to come?

Reader Participation Day: Should Rangers Cite, or Merely Warn, Visitors For Their Wrongs?

What should National Park Service rangers do when they come across a visitor who has gone astray of park regulations? For instance, should they have cited those women in Glacier National Park who squeezed off a round from a .357 to scare a deer, or was the warning enough?

Grizzly Moved Out Of Yellowstone National Park's Norris Campground, Campers Happy

Calm is returning to the Norris Campground in Yellowstone National Park, where rangers have moved a grizzly who had been roaming the campground to a zoo.

Melting Ice Patch Near Yellowstone National Park Reveals Ancient Hunting Weapon

National parks, long treasured as providing glimpses into our past, are proving to be better time capsules than we might have imagined just a decade ago. Proof lies in a 10,000-year-old hunting weapon found below a melting ice patch near Yellowstone National Park.
Backpacking Wyoming: From Towering Granite Peaks to Steaming Geyser Basins There's a new book just hitting bookstores that will practically take you by the hand and lead you along some long-distance hikes in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National parks.

Yet Another Bear Lost in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park rangers on Wednesday put down a female black bear that had come to rely on humans for food.

America's Great Outdoors: Your Chance to Speak Up

Are Americans losing touch with the rural side of life? Are we forgetting how pastoral settings appear and make us feel? President Obama fears so, and he's interested in your thoughts on how to get Americans reconnected with the "great outdoors."

Power Could Take A While to Restore at Yellowstone National Park's Fishing Bridge RV Park

There's nothing quite as bad on a national park vacation as pulling into an RV park only to learn there's no electricity. The folks at Yellowstone National Park are trying to eliminate that woe by restoring the electrical at the Fishing Bridge RV Park.

Yellowstone's Fishing Ethic An Export Into Heart of Canadian Pike Country

You can call it a ripple effect, or “trickle-up conservation” or, in concepts that rabid anglers know in their hearts, the value of wild, sustainable fisheries and what they really mean.

Another Bear Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver in Yellowstone National Park

The summer is not starting off well for bears in Yellowstone National Park, where for the second time in less than a month a bear has been killed by a hit-and-run driver.
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