Soundscape : Frijoles Creek in Bandelier National Monument

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Bridge over Frijoles Creek in Bandelier National Monument
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Take a minute to relax next to the cascading waters of Frijoles Creek in Bandelier National Monument. This short recording was made under the shade of the trees along the picnic road next to the creek. You'll be able to hear some birds chirping along, as well as a child's call about half-way through. And while it is anything but silent, I think this is the type of natural soundscape that draws people out of the cities in search of the "peace and quiet" found in our national parks.

This podcast was inspired by a website I've just recently stumbled across called 'quiet american'. I like very much the section called 'one-minute vacation'.


Thanks Jeremy for the refreshing sound of natures symphony at Bandelier Natinal Monument. What a nice treat to start the day!

Hi Jeremy,

Lovely ambiance!

Can I convince you to share a favorite recording for the one-minute vacation project? :)


Thanks Jeremy, I needed that this morning! Brings music to my ears, especially after reading about Bush's desire to continue the war in Iraq.