Video : Winter in Yellowstone National Park

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Steam rising in Yellowstone National Park; Rich Deline photographer.

Steam rises in Yellowstone National Park; Rich Deline photographer.

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Nearly every conversation that includes the words "Yellowstone" and "winter" also includes the word "snowmobiles." Well, for a change, I'd like to present this short 3 minute journey into the snowy winter season in Yellowstone National Park, that includes no snowmobiles! (You would have heard them had I left the audio unedited, but at least you won't see any in this short movie.) Buffalo still roam, rivers still flow, but the entire place in winter is surrounded in mist and snow, which totally change the outlook on the landscape. And, as my colleague Rich Deline is heard to exclaim at the end of the video, the erupting geysers are pretty cool.

This week marks the beginning of the winter visitation season in Yellowstone National Park. Thanks to Rich Deline who has generously made available to the National Parks Traveler some of his footage for us to enjoy.


Winter in Yellowstone National Park
photography : Rich Deline
edits : Jeremy Sullivan
music : "Suite in F major for unaccompanied oboe after BWV 1007 (courante)";
JS Bach - Transcriptions for Oboe
Gonzalo X Ruiz



What a wonderful montage you've edited! Thanks so much for sharing.

Today is my moving day from DC to Bozeman; I should be there in a few days. I've never been more excited! I'm laying on an air mattress with my baby boy sleeping beside me.

It doesn't get better than this, but with this nice morning video showing me what I have to look forward to, it does!

Thanks so much!

Jim Macdonald
The Magic of Yellowstone
Yellowstone Newspaper
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Jeremy, nice introduction to winter time in Yellowstone. Hopefully, the snowmobile frantics don't shatter this peaceful tranquility....but I dread.

Wonderful. Loved the buffalo. Looks a peaceful as Alaska, but closer to our home in NC. You have decided for us where our next vacation will be.

How gorgeous! I'd love to be there right now, watching the Bison, hearing the geysers, listening to the gentle flow of water and the peaceful surround. Glad you edited out the snowmobiles. Now, can you get them out of the park altogether? I can dream, can't I?

Great video, Jeremy! As a fellow Yellowstoner and old interpretive photographer, I have to say that it's a fine piece of work and makes me feel like I'm right actual peace and quiet!!
How did you guys get out there....was it before all the vehicles were called out of the park for the winter...or did you have to go out on a snowmobile of your own?

Thanks again for the video!