Acadia National Park In the Round

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Near Ocean Drive at Acadia National Park. NPS photo.

Kurt Repanshek's picture

David Restivo, who normally works out of Glacier National Park, took his cameras and headed east to Acadia National Park. Once there, he naturally went down to the beach. What he captured is something to enjoy.

To view his panoramic shot, be sure your viewer is set on Quicktime and not Flash. Then place your cursor over the image, and push it right or left.

For the shot, taken along Ocean Drive, David had to get up early to capture the soft light of sunrise. As you swivel the photo around, you'll have views of Gorham Mountain to the east and Otter Cliff to the west.


Beautiful. I'm a fan of his pictures and Glacier, anyway. Will be visiting Acadia in 3 short weeks. Can't wait.

Yes, it is beautiful. And I will also be in Acadia in 3 weeks, and I also am looking forward to our visit.