USGS Webcam Catches Minor Eruption of Kilauea Volcano at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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This USGS Quicktime movie shows a small explosive event at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in the Halema`uma`u vent at 9:20 a.m Saturday. The explosion was immediately preceded by a portion of the vent rim collapsing into the vent cavity.

Here's how the USGS described the event:

The brown plume rises rapidly from the vent, and in the full resolution video large particles can be seen ejected in front of the plume. In the video shown here, it is possible to see some of these particles impact the crater wall—look for several small white puffs to appear on the crater wall just ahead of the rising brown plume (about 7-9 seconds into the video clip). No ejecta was found at the Halema`uma`u Overlook, indicating that few, if any particles, reached the crater rim


Just at the end of the video you can see the water rush in, very cool.

Hi my name is kenzi and i am learning about the kilauea volcano right now with my friend sophia and we are looking at this video and it really helps us but how long did that go on for because it looks like you speeded it up like on this other but its cool and i like it so bye