What's It Take To Hike At Grand Canyon National Park?

Kurt Repanshek's picture

With your summer vacation still months away, now's a great time to consider your national park options. While most know Grand Canyon National Park is a great place for panoramic vistas, it also can be great for hiking. If you're prepared.

This 22-minute-long video offers some great insights for approaching a hike in the canyon.


Thanks for posting this video, Kurt. After my first visit to Grand Canyon I made it a personal goal to hike to the bottom and back. I haven't yet, but this certainly renews my interest!

Hiking the Grand Canyon are great highlights of my life. One thought: don't hike the inner canyon in the summer unless you're prepared for some serious heat. I hiked down the Kaibab trail to the river and up the Bright Angel trail one October day a few years ago. Started in raingear (it was raining and lightning on the rim), changed to shorts halfway down and finished in a rainstorm that afternoon. Another great way to hike the canyon is from a boat trip down the Colorado. Lots of interesting side canyons are accessible from river level but not from above. Go and have fun!

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is wonderful. And on several trails you do not have to go far to get away from huge crushes of people.