Armory Worker's House at Harpers Ferry

photo of the week for Sunday, 2007, November 4
Photographer: Marsha Wassel; NPS

With all the talk of Harpers Ferry this last week on our website, I thought it would be appropriate to track down a nice shot of the Historical Park. I waded through a number of shots on Flickr, Wikipedia, and the NPS slide file before deciding on this one found in the multimedia section of the Harpers Ferry website.

I selected this one because of its simplicity -- an old house, centered in the frame, with a little bit of visual interest looking through the trees. Of course, the lighting is nice too. Since I'm not familiar with the area, it is difficult to know whether this is early morning light or late afternoon light. Either way, the back lit trees look nice.

Keep those photo suggestions coming using the 'contact us' form. Next week's photo is already set, and came as a suggestion in email.

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