Big Rock Candy Mountain?

photo of the week for Saturday, 2009, April 25
Photographer: Kurt Repanshek

Is this the Big Rock Candy Mountain that the late Burl Ives made famous in the 1950s? Nahhh, but it should be.

The one Burl sang about is located in central Utah. According to the Utah Geological Survey, the folks living around Marysvale stuck a sign in front of a mountainside with decided volcanic origins. And indeed that mountain is somewhat colorful, with shades of red, yellow, umber and white.

But it certainly pales against this rainbow of rock found along Artists Palette in Death Valley National Park. Anchored into the Black Mountains, the reds, blues, turquoises, yellows, bluffs and other hues the sun coaxes out of the mountainside were born from various metals in the rock.

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Great pic, Kurt. It puts to shame the one I took at this same spot back in January.