Cedar Breaks National Monument

photo of the week for Friday, 2008, July 18
Photographer: Lee Rademaker

Summer, many will argue, is the season to go camping in the national parks. And, surely, this photo from Cedar Breaks National Monument by Ranger Lee Rademaker supports that argument. The dark, star-punched sky, towering pines, surrounded by the natural world. Can it get any better?

On the Web: www.nps.gov/cebr


During the heat of summer, camping at Cedar Breaks National Monument at over 10,000 feet offers welcome relief from the extreme temperatures experienced at lower elevations. In fact, nighttime temperatures can go below freezing, even during July. The night sky at this elevation is outstanding.

Looking at the above photo, and assuming it was taken recently, then I assume that the photo is looking towards the southeastern horizon. The brightest star is the planet Jupiter, and the constellation is Sagittarius. The time of the photograph is about 10 PM.

Owen Hoffman
Oak Ridge, TN 37830