The Colors Of Fall In The Parks

photo of the week for Sunday, 2013, September 29
Photographer: Tahoma

Fall shows up in various colors in the national parks, but red stands out in particular against green conifers and frothy creeks in Mount Rainier National Park.

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That picture is beautiful.....wish I was there instead of cooped up in my office.

That picture is beautiful.

It really is. Maybe ironic that the parks are a sanctuary from petty politics, in which they are so often entangled.

Great photo - and a nice reminder of the beauty found in parks all around the country.

Agree Justinh, its a shame to see the parks being closed during a really beautiful time of year, if it happens. It is even worse that the house congresspersons, or senators for that matter, are deemed essential, they should be the first ones sent home, no pay, no fundraising at the local country clubs, etc. They might find that being respectful, agree or not with the issues involved, to all employees is important as it is to all citizens.

Thanks to all for the kind remarks! This was a lucky first snap of the day, hand-held with a Nikon L20 P&S (pray & spray). The inedible berries are Mountain Ash, the beautiful stream is the Paradise River headwaters below Sluiskin Falls. Taken a hundred feet from the Fourth Crossing trailhead, which is a half-mile below Paradise on the one-way downhill Paradise Valley Road, a great place to avoid the conga-lines and the maddening parking lot game at Paradise.

Term limits for Congress!!!

Fortunately, there are even more places outside the parks to enjoy the fall colors.

Kurt - help on the proper way to insert an image would be appreciated.

Sorry, EC, I don't want to promote a site that encourages copyright infringement.


Thats my picture. Are you no longer allowing images in general?