Falling in the Fall

photo of the week for Tuesday, 2010, October 26
Photographer: Steven M. Bumgardner

Normally you can't get this kind of shot of Yosemite Fall in the fall. By late September this notable waterworks often has run dry, as its fury is pumped up by spring snowmelt.

But when you get a lot of rain -- as Yosemite National Park did this week, with 3.5-4.5 inches of rain falling last weekend, a deluge that generated a peak flow of approximately 4,500 cfs at the Merced River's Happy Isles gauge, which equates with a 5-year flood event -- you get spectacular falls during the "off-season."

Naturally, Yosemite cinematographer/videographer/photographer Steve Bumgardner was ready with his camera.

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