Moonrise Over Crater Lake

photo of the week for Tuesday, 2008, March 11
Photographer: Rob Mutch

Most folks spend their days, not their nights, exploring the national parks. That's unfortunate, as the parks can be as enticing at night as they are during the day. Rob Mutch, the executive director (and webmaster) of an educational non-profit, the Crater Lake Institute, drives that point home with this shot of the moon rising over 8,929-foot Mount Scott at Crater Lake National Park.

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What a beautiful image of a beautiful park!

I love these photos. It's nice with all the legitimate passionate disagreements this site offers on important concerns to our parks, the site also takes the time to remind us of what we passionately fight for: beautiful, sacred, culturally-significant lands.

Thanks, NPT!


I think you nailed it: Folks are passionate about the parks, and for so many varied reasons. When we stop being passionate about them, I think that's when we fail them.

Well said Kurt...well said!