Rainforest Wander

photo of the week for Sunday, 2012, February 5
Photographer: Randy Johnson

Any time of year, the Hoh rainforest on Washington's Olympic Peninsula is a lush destination. Up to fourteen feet of rain falls on the forest. Three short walks explore the area—the Hall of Mosses Trail, the Spruce Nature Trail, and the wheelchair-accessible Mini-Trail.

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Visited here last Sept. Truely beautiful.
As a lifelong resident of the desert south-west; I was inspired to visit all the National Parks sites that I could in search of visions like this.

Ha, it does rain there! Beautiful but when my Arizona raised new bride and I moved to Lake Quinault (Rain Forest) she realized she wasn't in Kansas anymore:) when she saw the rain gauge and it actually was in FEET, lol! She adapted well, however.