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photo of the week for Sunday, 2011, October 30
Photographer: Carl Raboi

Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska offers a rich variety of terrain to explore, including coastal terrain washed by the waters of the Gulf of Alaska. These seals captured by Carl Raboi were taken a break in between meals.

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Nice photo, but these are Stellar sea lions, not seals as the caption indicates. Several are branded for identification by researchers studying this threatened species. Although it is immediately adjacent to Kenai Fjords National Park, the rock they are hauled out on is actually within the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. More information is available at:

Good catch!

i of course take full blame. Although we were in Kenai Fjords, this particular picture was taken in Resurrection bay just outside of Kenai Fjords on a concessionaire cruise into Kenai Fjords. It is common for individuals to take concessionaire boats out of Seward to check out parts of Kenai Fjords with the closest being Bear Glacier and it is a picture of the Glacier that I should have submitted. Sorry.
Truthfully though, most people probably do not ever enter Kenai Fjords NP due to limited road access. There is road access from Seward up to Exit Glacier which is probably the most common way one enters the park. Nice hiking and nice nature center. Beautiful views of the glacier as it comes off the Harding Icefield. Even if you don't have a car, companies such as Exit Glacier Guides out of Seward provide a cheap lift.