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Wilderness 911: A Step-By-Step Guide for Medical Emergencies

Wilderness 911 (Backpacker Magazine)
Wilderness 911 (Backpacker Magazine)
Author : Eric Weiss
Published : 2007-03-04
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This pocket-sized book will catch your attention once you flip through it. There are detailed instructions for treating dislocated joints, performing a "cricothyrodotomy" to open an airway, and even how to treat arrow injuries. This book could save your life, or your friend's life, and that's why it's good to add to your backpack.

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Wilderness 911 takes all back country travelers from the basics of first aid to more advanced wilderness medicine with straightforward, step-by-step instructions. Readers will learn how to improvise with such items as dental floss, duct tape, honey, and plastic wrap. 6 photos, 80 illustrations.

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