Glacier National Park

Summer Special: Ten National Parks With Lodging For Under $100 Per Night, Tent Not Required

You don't need to sleep in a tent to make a national park visit affordable. Our lodging experts have found 10 national parks where you can book a room for less than $100 a night.

Odds and Ends -- Bears and Guns, Shuttles, Roads, Cycling, and More -- From Around the National Park System

Clingmans Dome Road opening early in Great Smoky Mountains, spring cycling in Yellowstone National Park, and other tidbits from around the National Park System.

Summer Special: It's Time To Start Thinking About Your Summer Vacation In the National Park System

Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park. Kurt Repanshek photo
How will you spend your summer vacation? If you're thinking about some R&R in the National Park System, we've got some suggestions and advice to offer. All week-long the Traveler will be offering stories about places to go and things to do in the parks.

Summer Special: A Potpourri Of Summertime Adventures In the National Park System

Summer easily is the best time of year to get out and get sweaty in the National Park System, if only because the warmer weather makes more opportunities available. In time to help you plan your summer vacation, here's a potpourri of outdoor adventures in the parks.

PEER Claims National Park Service Director's Order On Wilderness Management Is Off-Base

Is the National Park Service adding clarity, or confusion, about how it should be managing wilderness via revisions to its wilderness stewardship guidelines? Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility believes the agency is not only confusing matters, but lessening wilderness protections.
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Moonlight Ski And Dining Affair To Benefit Glacier National Park

Can you imagine skiing under the full moon at Whitefish Mountain Resort in northern Montana? You can do that later this month, and benefit Glacier National Park, during the annual Moonlight Dine & Ski for Glacier at the resort.

Eastern National Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of National Parks Passport With Special Edition

How many times have you headed off on a national park trip and conveniently forgotten your Passport to Your National Parks? Have you ever run out of space for cancellations more quickly than you would have thought? Well, the folks at Eastern National have tackled those problems while celebrating the Passport's 25th anniversary.

Glacier National Park Looking For Volunteers To Help With Air Quality Studies

Imagine the "office" for doing air-quality studies in Glacier National Park. And if you want to work in that office, the park is looking for some volunteers to help with air-quality monitoring.

Curious About Snagging Grizzly Bear Hairs At Glacier National Park? Attend This Talk

If you've been wondering about the genetics of bear populations in Glacier National Park, and will be near the park next month, you should plan on attending a talk on the subject by Kate Kendall.

2010 National Park System Visitation Dips To 281.3 Million, Down 4.2 Million From 2009

Bad weather, lack of a presidential inauguration, and safety concerns along the Southwestern border with Mexico apparently were the major drivers behind a slight dip in 2010 visitation to the National Park System from 2009 levels.

Public Meeting Scheduled to Take Input on Glacier National Park's Plans for Heavens Peak Fire Lookout

A public meeting is set for next week to discuss Glacier National Park's plans for stabilizing the historic Heavens Peak Fire Lookout station.

Glacier National Park

Bear grass on Logan Pass, photo copyright Tony Bynum, Tony Bynum Photography

Sweeping, grandiose landscapes are a staple of many of the West's iconic national parks, and among those Glacier easily stands out when you look from horizon to horizon atop Logan Pass.

The Annual Meeting of the Dumb and Dumber National Park Visiting Society

Organizations that start out small and simple can expect to end up large and complex, but what can be expected of an organization that starts out small and stupid?

Raffle of Some Of Montana's Best Photography Will Benefit Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park

Grassroots efforts are not without their expenses, and when it comes to advocating for a large swath of landscape that includes Glacier National Park and its Canadian neighbor, Waterton Lakes National Park, well, you can probably imagine the financial outlay.

Glacier National Park Rangers to Lead Moonlight Cross-Country Ski, Weather Permitting

Night-time cross-country ski excursions can be wonderful opportunities to see a national park landscape from a different perspective. On February 19, Glacier National Park rangers will lead a four-mile ski for all interested, weather permitting of course.

Renewed Bid To Protect Glacier National Park From Energy Development

With the 112th session of Congress less than a month old, Montana's two U.S. senators have wasted no time to renew their efforts to provide a buffer from energy development along the western border of Glacier National Park.

Reader Participation Day: How Important Are National Park Visitation Data to You?

How important is it to you to know that Glacier National Park saw record visitation in 2010, that visitation to Great Smoky Mountains National Park dipped, or that overall visitation to the National Park System declined by 1 or 2 percent or rose by 1 or 2 percent in any one year?

Watching Climate Change Across the National Park System

Across the National Park System many changes are expected from climate change, from more wildfires and vanishing glaciers to invasions of non-native species and flight of long-term residents. Writer/photographer Michael Lanza, concerned that today's park landscapes will change significantly by the time his young kids are his age, has been touring the park system with his family to show his children what they might miss later in life.

Report Lists 10 U.S. Ecosystems Whose Species Are Most-Threatened By Climate Change

A new report names the 10 ecosystems in the United States whose species are most-threatened by climate change. Among the parks included in those ecosystems are Yellowstone, Everglades, and Yosemite.
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What Are The Top Issues Confronting The National Park System?

What are the top issues confronting the National Park System? A slew of answers could be tacked onto that question, ranging from sprawl outside park boundaries and habitat fragmentation to pollution.

111th Congress Did Well When it Comes to National Park Wilderness, But It Could Have Done Better

A review of how Congress acted on wilderness legislation shows that the National Park System benefited quite nicely during the 111th session, but it could have fared better.

We'd Like to Welcome the Glacier National Park Fund to Our List of Sponsors

We'd like to welcome the Glacier National Park Fund to our list of sponsors, and thank this organization for supporting not just Glacier National Park but also our mission here at the Traveler.

Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Aquatic Insect at Glacier National Park

A small aquatic insect found only in five streams on the eastern flanks of Glacier National Park is facing extinction from climate change and should be given protection under the Endangered Species Act, according to two groups.

Looking Back On 2010 Across the National Park System

What were the top stories across the National Park System in 2010? There were more than a few, ranging from the tragic loss of three Katmai National Park and Preserve employees to a small-plane crash to the ongoing controversy over whether birds, turtles and off-road vehicles can co-exist at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Let's take a look back through the year at some of the stories.

A Year's Worth of Trails to Hike in the National Parks

Hiking trails are one of the best ways to enjoy national parks. They lead you out into nature, get you some exercise, and quite often showcase some gorgeous vistas. Here's a look back at some of the great trails we've mentioned on the Traveler during the past 12 months.

A Year in the Parks

The past year was very kind to me in terms of getting out to visit some of the incredible units of our National Park System. Here's a look back at a year in national parks.

Video: Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald on a Clear and Gorgeous Winter's Day

Glacier National Park can be hard to reach in summer, and doubly hard to reach in winter. But for the lucky ones who do, the setting is gorgeous, as this video attests.

Former Glacier, Waterton Lakes Superintendents Call For Better Protection of Both Parks

Though Glacier National Park's centennial year, and its resulting PR, are coming to a close, a group of former park superintendents is hoping to keep both Glacier and neighboring Waterton Lakes National Park in the forefront of conservation efforts.
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