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Dumfries (south-west Scotland) Academy Primary, followed by Dumfries Academy secondary ("High School" across the Pond), 1947-1960, Edinburgh University 1960-1964, followed by teacher training then 1965-1966 in France as foreign language "assistant". Taught modern languages (French and German) at Lockerbie Academy, 1966-1970; 1970-1973, Head of Modern Languages department, Maxwelton High School, Dumfries. 1973-2002, translator, and latterly Reviser/Senior Translator for EEC (now EU) in Brussels. One son, 3 daughters, born to wife (since 1969), in 1970, 1974, 1976 and 1990 respectively. Son (also Edinburgh graduate - 1992) and wife currently in Westchester County, NY, working for Siemens, eldest daughter (Edinburgh University again!), lawyer, married to fellow lawyer from Edinburgh, living with their 2 children (2005 and 2007 respectively) in Edinburgh, second daughter (graduate of ISTI translator university in Brussels) married to Italian (an astronomer) from her year at school, now in Brussels, Belgium, after 2 years in Albuquerque, NM (what a lovely State and people!), with daughter born in USA in 2007. Youngest daughter just finished 2nd year of a 4-year Life Sciences degree at University of Dundee, Scotland.

After 29 years in Belgium, Helen and I moved to Norfolk, East Anglia (England), to live with the "auld enemy" (the English!) for 6 years, then home to Scottish Borders (rugby-playing country) in 2008. Along the way, picked up (for work) Portuguese and some Italian and Spanish, together with Dutch, so can muddle along in most places.

First brought kids to USA in 1980, then 1981 and have been a total convert ever since, especially to the NPs. Not a great one for the large cities, although I was sent on mission to NY City in 1993 for 6 weeks and loved it. Seattle and San Francisco very pretty, too, but could have lived without ever seeing LA! Would happily spend the rest of my days living somewhere near Yellowstone or Moab, UT, for the fantastic beauty of your country (on a grander scale not unlike the sort of terrain you'd see in Scotland).

End of epistle!


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