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A good board shop is more than four walls, a roof, and some snowboard gear for sale. It’s a place you can go to rap with other snowboarders, swap stories about last weekend’s dumpfest, and, most importantly, cut through the sales crap and get the real scoop on the toys you’re drooling over. Dogfunk gives the board shop experience to anyone who wants it. We’re a bunch of shredheads with diverse styles and tastes, so we don’t just carry the biggest brands like Burton, DC, and Rome, but we’re constantly adding obscure brands you can’t find anywhere else, likeCapita, Airblaster, StepChild, and Holden. We want to support the underground.

Since we’re based in Utah, home to some of the world’s best riders and the Greatest Snow On Earth, our crew knows more than a little about snowboarding, and they’re more than stoked to gab for hours about it. But here’s where shit gets crazy: in the whole “kick-ass board shop” spirit, we felt that you should be able to talk to everyone in the Dogfunk world, not just those of us who work here.

That’s where the Dogfunk Community Project comes in. Want an opinion about a board or a jacket? Post a question and get an answer from someone who actually owns it—someone who doesn’t get paid to give you an answer. Share your snowboarding insights with noobs, post photos, or call out practically perfect or basically B.S. products by writing a reviews. Then update your profile so others out there know what you’re into and why they should give a damn what you think.—welcome to an insanely awesome board shop experience. And as for the name, don’t ask us what it means.


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