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Born 1943 in Appalachian hills.
Allergic to darn near everything but Nature, love the great outdoors. Might be that little bit of Cherokee from my Dad.
Mother and Grandmother, Teacher and Therapist; Lifelong explorer between raising a Family, Teaching and writing.
Lived in KY, ALA, GA, LA growing up; Taught in KY, CT and Hawaii; vacationed and explored in several great parks.
Retired to Hawaii in '89 for the last best days on the Big Island; retired again in 2005 to spend time with Family in CA, CT and NY.
Retired again from the Northeastern winters and geared up to move to Great Southwestern Parks area this youngest now lives in UTAH.
Organic gardener for my health; still love trails and scenery, big skies and warm climates best. It is a shame the Pacific Islands can't be duplicated In Utah, but I will just have to manage without the sea and the beaches and the jungles and the volcanoes. Zion and Bryce and Grand Canyon and the rest of the West will be just fine for the next ten years or so.


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