John Chapman


I spent 35 years with the NPS, retiring in 1998. I started as a seasonal ranger at RMNP while in college. As a career employee I was at Crater Lake NP; Glen Canyon NRA; first Area Manager for Guadalupe Mtns. NP; seved as Supt of Capulin Mtn. NM, Glacier Bay NP & Preserve, and Curecanti NRA and Black Canyon NP. I was also Chief of Ranger Activities and Resource Mgmt. for the former Rocky Mtn. RO;and Asst. Supt. of RMNP. My wife, Jean, and I now live in the Denver area and get to the mountains often.

Following NPS I worked for a company dealing with US Job Corps activites, managing the job placement specialists in CO and WY.

I now work for the Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance and The Wilderness Society, helping educate wildland/urban interface communities in CO on the importance of Community Wildfire Protection Plans.


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