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I can remember far back to my first visit to a National Park. That was Yosemite when I was in College and believe me I have never been the same. I have been blessed over the years to have visit over 20 different parks, and as well I have worked in five. It is hard to describe the impact parks have had on my life, yet for sure it is huge. They have changed me forever and the gratitude I have is filled with love and respect. I have worked in Denali, Zion, Glacier in Montana , Mt.Rainier and Kenai Fjords. Every park is so unique and offers visitors an inside view of nature and wild places that will surely touch your heart as they have mine.

As a Travel writer, Artist and budding hopefully Pro-photographer I could spend hours going on about my experiences. What has touched me the most is the fragile, the up close and personal and the vastness of our parks, they are so special in my heart. One thing for sure is each experience has given me inspiration to want more, crave more. One of my favorites is Katmai in Alaska, I can remember descending on the plane and seeing dozens of Brown bears fishing in the river below, it took my breath away, Wow is all I can say. Anyway, that is me, Whale Geek, Nature dork, anything park and I just keep wanting more.


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