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Over the Edge:  Death in Grand Canyon Throughout this book is proof that visitors to the Grand Canyon don't always pack commonsense with them.
National Parks of the American West For Dummies Well, I hate shameless self-promotions, but I did write this book and I think it does a pretty good job of giving you a lay of the land for the parks it covers. Let me know what you think.
Crown of the Continent: The Last Great Wilderness of the Rocky Mountains Leave it on your coffee table and visitors will be awestruck by the content.
Wilderness 911 (Backpacker Magazine) This book could save your life, or your friend's life, and that's why it's good to add to your backpack.
Keeping Faith with Nature: Ecosystems, Democracy, and America This is a great textbook for anyone following the management, and mismanagement, of our public lands. This sobering book examines how we value and manage our public lands.
Ansel Adams: Our National Parks A book of Ansel Adams' national park photographs. What more needs to be said?
Thomas Moran: Artist of the Mountains As Adams was a master with film, Moran was a master with canvas. Perhaps the definitive biography of Thomas Moran, this book traces his upbringing, his introduction to art, and his time spent in the parks.

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