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National Park Road Trip 2011: Big Bend And Chisos Mountains Lodge

Big Bend National Park is an expansive, wild park full of adventure and surprises. After all, it's not every park where you'll spot a cougar walking across the patio of your lodge.

Free Shuttle Buses Will Roll Again This Summer At Sequoia National Park

Visiting Sequoia National Park this summer? The shuttles will be rolling to help move you around the park. And you can even leave your rig in nearby Visalia and catch a bus from there to the park for a fee.

Rangers Need Nearly Five Hours To Recover Man's Body From Below South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

It took Grand Canyon National Park rangers nearly five hours to recover the body of a young man spotted far below the park's South Rim, and authorities worked into the night Friday to identify the man.

National Park Road Trip 2011: LBJ Slept Here

A unit of the National Park System with its only private jet, and one with panthers strolling the grounds, are the latest stops for our intrepid lodging consultants, David and Kay Scott.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Growing By Nearly 200 Acres Thanks to Nature Conservancy Donation

A nearly 200-acre tract of undulating sand dunes surrounded by land managed by the National Park Service is being donated to Guadalupe Mountains National Park by The Nature Conservancy.

Upcoming Road Work Will Make Travel A Bit Challenging In Olympic National Park

The Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kickoff to the summer travel season, but in Olympic National Park getting around could be difficult in some areas of the park due to road work.

Walls at Risk of Collapse at Historic Fort Jefferson Make "Crumbling Infrastructure" a Harsh Reality

There's good news and bad news for historic Fort Jefferson in Dry Torgugas National Park: Visitors to the park won't be directly affected, but a "recent report on instability of a section of the fort's wall indicate this side of the fort could collapse at any time."

Updated: Tornado Damage Leads To Closure of Some Hiking Trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Damage inflicted by an apparent tornado has forced the closure of some trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Updated: New Approach to Yellowstone National Park Winter Use Wouldn't Significantly Alter Snowmobile, Snowcoach Numbers

A preferred approach by Yellowstone National Park officials to managing winter use in the park wouldn't significantly alter the number of snowmobiles or snowcoaches allowed to enter the park compared to recent years.

Traveler's International Readership Expected to Show Dramatic Increases

Traveler readership may soon grow by 100% or more in many countries around the world.

National Park Mystery Spot 24 Revealed: Not the Kind a Drunk Can Hug

Do you remembers Jaws?

FAA Rules Might Ground Rocketman's Bid To Fly Over Grand Canyon On A 'Wingsuit'

A Swiss "rocketman" wants to soar over the Grand Canyon affixed to his "wingsuit," but his plans might not be OKed from the Federal Aviation Administration. Regardless, Grand Canyon National Park officials have told him to stay away from the park if he does take to the air.

Updated: Wildfire Kills Four Florida Panther Kittens in Big Cypress National Preserve

Neither efforts by crews to remove brushy fuels nor water drops from helicopters could save a litter of four Florida panther kittens from dying in a wildfire sweeping across Big Cypress National Preserve.

National Park Mystery Spot 24: A Movie Critter Provides a Clue

Can you identify this place using just a few clues?

National Parks Road Trip 2011: Into the Lone Star State

As David and Kay Scott set out on their trip to visit national park lodges to update their guidebook, they come upon a rarity at Gulf Islands National Seashore -- a campground with hot and cold running water and by the National Park Service.

Man Arrested For Blowing Up Restroom at Saint Croix National Scenic River

At a time when budgets are tight for government agencies and citizens alike, it's a shame when senseless vandalism results in destruction of facilities intended for the common good. That was certainly the case at Saint Croix National Scenic River, where a pipe bomb was used to blow up a restroom.

Traveler's View: Rethink National Park Pass Fees

Interior Department officials need to rethink the fees that are charged for annual park passes.

Take Part In Art At Weir Farm National Historic Site This Year

Since the late 19th century the setting at Weir Farm in Connecticutt has been inspiring artists, and the National Park Service is inviting you to the national historic site this summer to see what your artistic muse can create.

Reglueing Prehistoric Pots at the National Park Service's Western Archaeological and Conservation Center

Conservators at the National Park Service's Western Archaeological and Conservation Center are partway through a three-year project to take apart, and then reglue, more than 600 prehistoric pots collected by archaeologists.
The Case of the Indian Trader: Billy Malone and the National Park Service Investigation at Hubbell Trading Post In The Case of the Indian Trader, author Paul Berkowitz peels back the luminous outer skin of the National Park Service to reveal a dark and dysfunctional culture, one that by his accounts at times has placed itself above the law.

Array Of 17 Stations Will Help National Park Service Track Climate Events in Alaska

In the coming year technicians will install an array of 17 remote automated stations in five national park areas in northern Alaska to help the National Park Service track climate trends.

Tranquility and Beauty in Crater Lake National Park

A great deal of beauty can be seen in the different moods of national parks, as evidenced in the following video of Crater Lake National Park by Rob Mutch.

Reflecting On The "State Of The National Parks" In The Wake Of National Park Week

Handling endangered and threatened species and off-road vehicles, scalping campsite reservations, and the interpreting of parks by smartphone are among the things to wonder about in the wake of National Park Week.

Report Raises Concerns Over How Colorado River Basin Dams Impact National Parks

Some of the most magnificent national parks of the Southwest owe their rugged beauty to the Colorado River and its tributaries. Unfortunately, dams that have sprung up along the river have changed the water flows in a way detrimental to these national parks, according to a report from the National Parks Conservation Association.

Corporate Relations And The National Parks: Good Deal?

While corporate support can be vital to the health of national parks, whether to accept that support can be a challenging question, particularly in these times of financial stress and overall declines in charitable giving.