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Congressman Pushing Legislation To Require National Park Gift Shops To Carry "Made In America" Items

A congressman from New York hopes to bolster pride in America, and boost American manufacturers, by pushing legislation that would require gift shops throughout the National Park System to carry items made in America.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park: Underrated and Understated

With 160 miles of scenic trails, a rich and well-preserved plethora of historic locales, and a graceful (but grumpy) population of lanky blue herons, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a beautiful swath of lush Ohio land worth exploring.

House And Senate Likely To Clash Over Interior Appropriations Bill; NPCA Criticizes Park Funding As Too Low

A budget battle could be brewing in Congress over funding for the Interior Department. On the sidelines, the National Parks Conservation Association will be lobbying for more money for the national parks in the fiscal year 2012 budget.
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Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart

Camping and Woodcraft bookcover
Camping and Woodcraft by Horace Kephart has been republished by the Great Smoky Mountains Association. With new photographs and completely remastered, this is the book to read for useful information and for just plain good reading.

Public Access To Lake Aldwell Near Olympic National Park Closed Due To Dam Removal

Tearing down dams is no easy job, and to do it safely requires some public access closures from time to time. One of those times has arrived at Olympic National Park, where they've closed the Lake Aldwell area to the public while work continues on taking down the Elwha Dam.

Lost - and Eventually Found - in the Big Thicket National Preserve

The names of most areas in the National Park System are usually pretty descriptive of the main features of the site, and that's the case for the Big Thicket National Preserve. The woods and swamps are "big" and in places the vegetation is thick indeed. As more than one hunter has discovered, it's also an easy place to get lost.

Point Reyes National Seashore Looking For Volunteers To Help With Wildlife Interpretation

How great would it be to spend some of your free time this winter helping educate visitors to Point Reyes National Seashore on elephant seals and gray whales? If you live near the California seashore, you could have such a job, albeit on a volunteer basis.

Traveler's Gear Box: KEEN's Erickson PCT, A Hiking Boot For Long-Distance Trekkers

Soggy meadows and mile-heavy days in Yellowstone National Park were the perfect testing grounds for KEEN's Erickson PCT, a hiking boot best suited for cranking out backcountry miles with a full pack.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Officials Decide To Do Away With Fourth of July Fireworks

If you've enjoyed the fireworks displays that have been part of the Fourth of July celebrations at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the past, take a long look at the accompanying photo, for officials there have decided to do away with the fireworks.

Consider 2012 "Entrance Fee Free Days" When Planning Your National Park Adventures

True, the entrance fees at national parks are a tiny part of the overall cost of visiting a park. But if you can schedule your 2012 trip to get in free during one of National Park Service's entrance-fee-free days, why not?

Buggies of Varying Sizes On Display At Homestead National Monument of America

If you've got a penchant for horse-drawn buggies, you might want to figure in a trip to Homestead National Monument of America in the coming months, as there's a collection of horse-drawn buggies on display there.

Sagamore Hill, Home To Theodore Roosevelt, To Get $6.2 Million Renovation Next Spring

A substantial, three-year renovation project will involve much of Sagamore Hill, Theodore Roosevelt's home on Long Island, New York, beginning next spring. As a result much of the home will be closed to visitors, although events and activities on the grounds will continue.

Call To Action: Updating The Leopold Report For National Parks in the 21st Century

Nearly 50 years after it was completed, the Leopold Report on wildlife management in the national parks is perhaps overdue for revisions to take into account the realities of climate change, sprawl, and greater visitation to the parks.

Annual Genealogy Workshop Coming To Mammoth Cave National Park

Exploring the backgrounds of the settlers who lived in the hills and hollows that today fall within the boundaries of Mammoth Cave National Park will be the focus of workshops scheduled for October 22 and October 29.

National Christmas Tree Lighting Set For December 1, Ticket Lottery Opens November 3rd

On December 1 at 5 p.m. the National Christmas Tree will be lighted for the holiday season, an event that draws thousands to Washington, D.C., one that requires a lottery system to dole out 17,000 free tickets.

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National Park Quiz 99: Native Americans

Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we'll make you write 100 times on the whiteboard: "To show respect and avoid a geographical misnomer, many people now use the term Native American instead of Indian."

Groups Urging Obama Administration To Protect The "Greater Canyonlands" Region Near Canyonlands National Park

Southern Utah's redrock landscape is wondrous, a spectacular collection of lands in various stages of deconstruction and reconstruction. While some of that landscape has been protected in the form of national parks, some groups believe more needs that type of protection.

Lynn Hill Among Climbers Celebrating Joshua Tree National Park This Weekend

Lynn Hill, one of America's celebrated climbers, will be on hand this weekend when the 2011 Climb Smart Festival comes to Joshua Tree National Park to help the park celebrate it's 75th anniversary.

Reader Participation Day: How Do You Decide Which National Parks To Visit?

With the snows of winter on their way, most people are bringing an end to this year's travels and looking ahead to 2012. Which has us wondering: How do you decide which national parks to put on your travel calendar?

Special Resource Study on San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains Released By National Park Service

A draft study that examines whether the San Gabriel Watershed and Mountains should be added to the National Park System has been released with four alternatives, two of which would advance a new model for a unit of the park system.

Birding in the National Parks: Track Your Birds On The Web With eBird

eBird is a helpful took courtesy of the folks at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society that makes it easier for you to keep track of your birding life-list. Let's take a closer look at how it functions.

How Many Elk Does it Take to Make a Jam?

It would be reasonable to expect a bit of traffic on a beautiful October afternoon in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park—especially if the road in question is U.S. Highway 441 through the center of the popular park. So…how many elk does it take to jam up the works?

New Exhibit At Ellis Island National Monument Brings "The Rock" East

"The Rock" is heading east. Through mid-January a traveling exhibit on the hard times prisoners faced at Alcatraz Island when it housed a high security federal prison will explore daily life faced by the inmates.

Call To Action: Building A $1 Billion Endowment For The National Parks

An initiative to build a $1 billion endowment for national parks in these distressed economic times is bold and ambitious, one that could do much good for a National Park System that Congress has been unable, or unwilling, to fully fund. But it won't happen overnight, and it will take continued support from administrations yet to be elected.

Joan Anzelmo, After a Long National Park Service Career, Honored By NPCA

Joan Anzelmo, who can trace her National Park Service career from Yellowstone to Washington, D.C., to Grand Teton and finally to Colorado National Monument, which was her last posting before retirement, has been honored by the National Parks Conservation Association for her commitment to the Park Service ideal.

Renovations Will Shutter Beaver Meadows Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park Through Winter

Significant remodeling to the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park will keep the center closed to the public through the winter.

Photo Of Colorado's Hanging Lake Wins 8th Annual National Natural Landmark Photo Contest

A magical setting of a glacially carved lake in the White River National Forest, photographed by Debra Miller, has won top honors in the 2011 National Natural Landmarks Photo Contest sponsored by the National Park Service.

Backroads and Byways – Balsam Mountain Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you're looking for an alternative to the more heavily-traveled roads in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, here's a great option for the fall color season, or for a late spring or summer drive next year: the Balsam Mountain Road.

Denali National Park Extends Comment Period On Climbing Permit Allocation Plan

Denali National Park and Preserve officials have extended the public comment period on their plans for allocating climbing permits on Mount McKinley by two weeks, and you can pretty much be sure those who make their living guiding climbs will have something to say.