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Biscayne National Park Seeks Recollections of Homestead's "Blacks Only" Beach

The National Park Service wants to interview people with firsthand knowledge of a racially segregated beach that once occupied the site of Biscayne National Park's main visitor center.

National Park Service Taking Public Comment on Proposal For Cesar Chavez Unit Of the Park System

Roughly four decades after Cesar Chavez led an uprising of farm workers to improve wages and benefits, the National Park Service is taking public comment on a plan to memorialize the union leader within the park system.

The Major Road Project That Restored a Park

A proposal for a major highway construction project through the heart of a national park isn't usually cause for rejoicing by park supporters, but that was the case nearly 40 years ago at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. An upcoming event at the park will celebrate the Cumberland Gap Highway Tunnel, which was finally completed in 1996 to restore the historic Cumberland Gap.

Obama Administration Cites 5-Year-Old Study To Tout Value of America's Great Outdoors

The Obama Administration is touting the economic benefits of the great outdoors ... but the lion's share of that clout is based on a five-year-old study.

Limited Backcountry Closures Coming To Theodore Roosevelt National Park For Elk Reduction

With elk culling scheduled to resume in Theodore Roosevelt National Park's South Unit next week, park officials say some backcountry areas and hiking trails will be closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays into December.

National Park Mystery Photo 37 Revealed: It Floats On Water

To find this boomer, you really need to travel far in the National Park System.

Massive Landslide in Utah Cuts Off One Route To Cedar Breaks National Monument

A massive landslide, possibly 1,700 feet wide by as much as 100 feet deep in places shoved a Utah highway 100-150 feet downhill, indefinitely closing off one route to Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Wolf Looking For Human Handouts Euthanized By Yellowstone National Park Staff

A 110-pound gray wolf that appeared to have become too familiar with human foods was put down by Yellowstone National Park staff recently.

NPCA Sues National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service Over Big Cypress National Preserve Addition Lands Management

National Park Service officials failed the American public by allowing off-road vehicle use in the "Addition lands" area of Big Cypress National Preserve, the National Parks Conservation Association charged today while filing a lawsuit against the agency.

Update: Grandfather Indicted On Child Abuse Charges Stemming From Grand Canyon National Park Hike

An Indiana man has been indicted on six counts alleging child abuse stemming from rim-to-river-to-rim hikes in Grand Canyon National Park with his three grandsons during some of the hottest days of the summer.

National Park History: The Grand Register of Yo-Semite Valley

Now a prized possession of the Yosemite Museum, the guest register of the Cosmopolitan Bathhouse & Saloon is a treasure trove of information about early Yosemite tourism.

Many Facilities on Grand Canyon National Park's North Rim to Close for Season on October 15

As the fall color season winds down in the Arizona high country, there's another sure sign winter is on the way: Most facilities on the North Rim at Grand Canyon National Park will close for the season on October 15. The area remains open for visitors for another month or so, depending upon the weather, and all operations continue as normal at the park's busy South Rim.

NPS Steps In to Keep Three California State Parks Open in 2012

Budget shortfalls are expected to result in the closure of up to 70 of the 278 California state parks, but thanks to help from the National Park Service, three of those sites will get at least a one-year reprieve. Projects in a fourth state site will also receive some additional NPS support.

Natonal Park Mystery Photo 37: Whatever Happened to Boomer I?

There are boomers, and then then are boomers. But in the National Park System, what is "Boomer II"? That's the question as the National Park Mystery Photo makes a shaky return to the Traveler.

Your National Park Photograph Could Appear On Next Year's Passport To Your National Parks®

Got a great national park photo? Want it to be one of 10 used by Eastern National for its Passport To Your National Parks® stamps? You have until October 17 to get your candidate in.

Taking the Long Way Home, Through Yellowstone National Park

Being able to drive through Yellowstone National Park on your way home isn't something many of us are fortunate enough to be able to do. But Contributing Writer Todd Wilkinson is one who is, and what he saw on his ride home the other day is something to evoke some jealousy.

Reward Offered For Information Leading To Arrest, Conviction Of Those Responsible For Mountain Lion Death

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for killing a mountain lion in the Santa Monica Mountains last month.

Colors Peaking In The National Parks Across The Country

With mid-October practically here, the fall colors are really starting to put on their best in many national parks, places like Shenandoah, Great Smoky Mountains, Olympic, and Acadia.

Grizzly-Luring Berries Mean Moose-Wilson Road In Grand Teton National Park Could Close From Time To Time

Watching black bears munch away on juicy Hawthorne berries along the narrow Moose-Wilson Road in Grand Teton National Park is one thing. But coming upon a grizzly doing the same is another, and so park officials say visitors should expect occasional closures of the road this month.

Obama Administration Draws Criticism For Fast-Tracking Transmission Line Project Through National Park Units

A decision by the Obama Administration to fast-track seven power transmission line projects, including one through several units of the National Park System, has drawn condemnation from conservation groups.

Wind Cave National Park Grows With Addition of 5,555-Acre Ranch

Rolling landscape and some history have been added to Wind Cave National Park through the acquisition of a 5,555-acre ranch made available to the National Park Service by The Conservation Fund.
Pestilence and Persistence: Yosemite Indian Demography and Culture in Colonial California Kathleen Hull’s Pestilence and Persistence: Yosemite Indian Demography and Culture in Colonial California, is, above all, a timely book, if not a necessary book. Timely in the sense that current relations between Yosemite Indians and park administrators are finally showing signs of mutual accommodate after decades of mistrust.

New Exhibit Opening At Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

A new exhibit that explores how archaeology can help unravel the story of what happened to the "First Colony" opens Monday at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site in North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Former Employee At Great Sand Dunes National Park Indicted On Embezzlement Charges

A woman who once worked as the administrative officer of Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado has been charged with embezzling nearly $750,000 from the park over nearly four years.

Trails I've Hiked: Little Cataloochee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Cook Cabin
A walk on Little Cataloochee Trail offers a glimpse into life in this remote mountain community before it became part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This in-and-out hike, with a couple of diversions, takes you to two cabins, two cemeteries and a chapel.

Who Ya Gonna Call When Things Go Bad? Parks Host Cave Rescue Training

When emergencies occur, Americans take it for granted that trained help will arrived promptly. That doesn't happen by chance, however, and a recent training session will help prepare emergency responders in case things go wrong in some of the most challenging locations on earth: caves.

Boundaries of Two of England's National Parks Targeted To Grow By A Combined 193 Square Miles

Two of England's best-known national parks, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, are being targeted for an expansion that will add a combined 193 square miles to their footprint.

A National Park Superintendent And His Questionable Real Estate Deal

What should we make from the story that a National Park Service superintendent sold his house for more than three times its assessed value to a key concessionaire in his park and didn’t consider it a conflict of interest?

Denali National Park Officials Want To "Simplify" Fee Structure

In a bid to "simplify" their entrance fee program, Denali National Park and Preserve officials want to do away with the multiple fees and charge a flat $10 per person.

Adventure-Journal: Mr. Uberuaga Should Not Have Been Given Grand Canyon National Park Promotion

David Uberuaga should not be the superintendent of the Grand Canyon National Park. He might be an awesome administrator, a conscientious steward of public lands, smart as the day is long, and a great guy, but his conduct in the matter of a highly questionable real estate deal while stationed at Mount Rainier National Park shows a lack of judgment that should preclude him from overseeing one of America’s premier treasures, as he is now.