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Acadia National Park Locals Can Get Annual Pass For Half Price in December

If I only lived closer to Acadia National Park, the annual pass sale being held in December would be a heckuva deal.

NPCA Officials Lament Congress' Failure At Deficit Talks, Possible Impact On National Parks

Visit the national parks next summer, because who knows what shape they'll be in in 2013. That was the message Monday evening from National Parks Conservation Association officials in reaction to the failure by Congress' supercommittee to craft a deficit reduction plan.

NPCA Report Calls For Stronger Efforts To Protect Chesapeake Bay And Its Watershed

A new report from the National Parks Conservation Association points out a range of concerns the organization has about the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its 64,000-square-mile watershed, and carries a number of recommendations that NPCA believes can greatly improvement the bay's health.
NPCA-Chesapeake Bay Report.pdf1.27 MB

Legislation Could Force Bicycles Off Roads In Some National Parks

Serious road cyclists do not often dally about when they're out for a ride, instead preferring to dance on the pedals at speeds of 20 mph and more. While they can easily do that on many National Park System roads, legislation pending in Congress could force them onto paved paths now enjoyed by walkers, folks with strollers, those in wheelchairs, and others not zooming along.

Fears Rise That Congress Could Open More Units Of National Park System to Hunting

Few units of the National Park System are open to hunting, but there are fears that legislation now working its way through Congress could clear the way for hunting across dozens of parks in the system.

No Razor Clam Harvest At Olympic National Park Until Spring

Poor overall populations of razor clams, and recent downward trends in those populations, have prompted Olympic National Park officials to cancel the fall and winter clamming season at Kalaloch.

Home Of Gay Rights Activist Added To National Register Of Historic Places

The National Park Service has recognized the historic significance of gay rights activist Dr. Franklin E. Kameny, by listing his home in the National Register of Historic Places.

Clinton Birthplace Home Needed New Roofs

It was not quite a year ago when the President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace Home National Historic Site was added to the National Park System. Apparently the building wasn't in the best shape when the National Park Service took control, as crews are now replacing the roofs.

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site Lining Up Holiday Events

Christmas celebrations, horse-drawn wagon rides, and caroling are on tap at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in Iowa.

By the Numbers: Homestead National Monument of America

Nebraska's Homestead National Monument of America is a very special place that contains, among other things, America's oldest homestead and second-oldest restored tallgrass prairie.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Reviewing Proposal To Boost Lodging At Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park officials are reviewing a proposal that could increase more overnight lodging in the Old Faithful area, although it would require that a 77-room dormitory be built there.

Visitation Down At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Visitation to Great Smoky Mountains National Park was down 9.5 percent in Octoer, and for the year it is down almost 7 percent, according to park officials.

Joshua Tree National Park's 75th Anniversary Winding Down With Crossroads Conference

As the 75th anniversary celebration winds down at Joshua Tree National Park, the park will host its Crossroads Conference with talks on how climate change will impact the park and its resources.

Condors Lead To Discovery of Body Near Lees Ferry in Grand Canyon National Park

Condors circling overhead led to the discovery Thursday of a male's body in Grand Canyon National Park below Lees Ferry.

Adopt A Yellowstone National Park Bison For The Holidays

Hiding a Yellowstone National Park bison under the Christmas tree or in a year-end gift box isn't exactly easy, but it can be done through the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Kind of.

What's A Buck Get You These Days? President James Garfield In Your Pocket

Beginning today you'll be able to hold President James A. Garfield in the palm of your hand. And he'll be worth a buck, too!

Special Events On Tap Through Year-End At Homestead National Monument of America

Fiddlin', dancin', and American history will be on display through year's end with special programs at Homestead National Monument of America.

National Park Quiz 100: Ringer VI

Nine of the ten questions in this quiz are true. Can you tell which one is false?

License Tag Law Threatens Support for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian National Scenic Trail

License tag money has helped support national parks in North Carolina for over a decade. But a new law enacted by the Republican legislature will decrease the amount of money that will go to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

18th Century Comes Alive At Fort Stanwix National Monument With Holiday Event

Ever wonder about life on the American frontier during the Revolutionary War? You can sample it later this month when Fort Stanwix National Monument holds a holiday celebration.

"Vital Signs" Report From Yellowstone National Park Points To Areas Of Concern In Park's Health

A report created to track the "vital signs" of natural, cultural, and historic resources in Yellowstone National Park points to a number of concerns pertaining to the park's climate, wildlife resources, and air quality.

Birding in the National Parks: Northern Saw-Whet Owls At Assateague Island National Seashore

“I’ll need some time off in November to go to Assateague to band owls.” That remains one of the best excuses for some time off I’ve ever heard, and of course it was legitimate. Who would be creative enough to make up that?

On-line Resource Ready To Help You Plan Your Hiking Treks In Glacier National Park

There's a new on-line resource available that can help you plan your hiking forays in Glacier National Park long before you set foot in the park.

Blue Ridge Parkway Management Alternatives Draw More Than A Little Debate

The first-ever management plan for the Blue Ridge Parkway treads a fine line between two forces park managers have juggled for the 76-year history of the high road—the economic development aspirations of adjacent communities and the need to ensure the integrity of a “national park” that’s 469-miles long and a half-mile wide.

Guest Column: The Keystone XL Pipelines And Coal Hollow Mines Of America

In this guest column, RL Miller, a California-based attorney who keeps watch on environmental issues on public lands, questions the wisdom of allowing the Coal Hollow Mine to expand to more than 3,500 acres near Bryce Canyon National Park.

Program At War In The Pacific National Historical Park Looks At Invasion of Guam

A special program that recalls the Japanese invasion of Guam during World War II will be presented at War in the Pacific National Historical Park next month.

BLM Considering Proposal To Expand Coal Mine Near Bryce Canyon National Park

A year after Utah's only coal strip mine opened near Bryce Canyon National Park, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is considering a proposal to greatly expand the operation to more than 3,500 acres.

Time To Enter The Lottery For A Winter's Night At the Ostrander Ski Hut In Yosemite National Park

One of the popular backcountry winter treks in Yosemite National Park is the 10-mile ski to Ostrander Lake. If that interests you, and you'd like to spend some time near the lake, now's the time to enter the lottery for a night at the Ostrander Ski Hut.

History Comes To Life At Fort Frederica National Monument

It marked, in history, the last stand of the Spanish in present-day Georgia. Today Fort Frederica holds little more than ruins on St. Simons Island along the Georgia coast. But you can get a feel for 18th century life there during a living history presentation at Fort Frederica National Monument on November 19.

Historians in Body Armor - NPS Staffers Document Ancient Towers in Afghanistan

Almost any job can be demanding at times, but if your work with the National Park Service involves cultural resources, you don't usually need to wear body armor. Earlier this year two NPS employees made a trip to Afghanistan to help document two rare and ancient brick towers, and the project offered plenty of challenges in addition to the need for body armor.