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Mystery Photo 40 Revealed: The Glow Plug

An object so brightly hued can't be nature, can it? It can, if you know where in the National Park System to look.

Resort Planned For Schoodic Peninsula Near Acadia National Park Scuttled

A 3,200-acre tract of raw, wild land next to a section of Acadia National Park once planned for development as an "eco-resort" has been purchased by a company that intends to work to see the land preserved.

A December Rarity: Driving The Tioga Road Through Yosemite National Park

Winter has been easy on Yosemite National Park so far, easy enough that Santa might actually be able to drive the Tioga Road on his deliveries.

National Park Mystery Photo 40: Sure Is Bright

Bright it is, but what is the source of its glow? Answer that question, and you just might figure out what this national park Mystery Photo is.
Encounters with the Archdruid Though written some 40 years ago, Encounters with the Archdruid still carries valuable lessons for us to consider today.

Reader Participation Day: What's On Your National Park Reading List?

Throughout the year we get a fair number of books related to the national parks for review, but we couldn't possibly keep track of all new -- or old, but good stalwarts -- books with park connections. Which books would you recommend to park lovers?

Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Elephant Seals At Point Reyes National Seashore

It could, perhaps, be viewed as the wildlife equivalent of "Beach Party," the 1960s-era series of beach-based movies featuring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. Only in this case, the beach at Point Reyes National Seashore is covered by elephant seals, not hormone-crazed twenty-somethings.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area To Host Christmas Bird Count Early in January

With few trees, compared, say, to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, counting birds at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area shouldn't be too difficult when the NRA holds its Christmas Bird Count.
GLCA-Bird List.pdf258.01 KB

"Peopling of America" Exhibit Traces Roots of Those Who Passed Through Ellis Island ... And Those Who Came Before

Among the interesting exhibits at Ellis Island National Monument is one called "Peopling of America" that traces the paths taken by immigrants to the United States, both before and after the island's immigration center opened for business.
Mark of the Grizzly: Revised And Updated With More Stories Of Recent Bear Attacks And The Hard Lessons Learned Bear attacks horrify us, and yet they also, in a morbid way, fascinate many. They're evidence that even in today's modern world tragic confrontations with nature do occur and, in the case of bears, demonstrate that man is not always the apex predator.

Grand Canyon National Park Recognized For Its Trail Of Time

The Trail of Time, located on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, recently won an Interpretive Media Award from the National Association for Interpretation.

Vail Resorts, Long Synonymous With Skiing, Expanding Into National Park Concessions

Vail Resorts, which built its reputation on skiing, is expanding its reach into national park concessions with the acquisition of the concession at Flagg Ranch in the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area Grows by 3,800 Acres

Golden Gate National Recreation Area has grown by nearly 4,000 acres, and taxpayers got a bargain, with the transfer of a prime tract known as the Rancho Corral de Tierra from the Peninsula Open Space Trust to the National Park Service.

Bryce Canyon National Park Added To Traveler's Collection of Park Guides

Thinking of, or already planning, a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park? Check out the Traveler's "mini-guide" to the park to help prepare. It has sections on lodging, camping, hiking, even wildlife.

Full Schedule of Winter Fun At Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado's Front Range has already been hit by several snowstorms this fall, and Rocky Mountain National Park's rangers are ready to take advantage of that building snowpack by showing visitors a good time outdoors.

Pull Down A Good Cookbook At Springfield Armory National Historic Site

Guns often are the main attraction at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site, but there's a little something there for culinary fans, too.

Snowshoeing Season Has Arrived At Mount Rainier National Park

With snow conditions improving, rangers at Mount Rainier National Park are ready to lead you into the park on snowshoe adventures.

With Salmon Runs Ending, Work Resumes On Demolishing Dams At Olympic National Park

Call it a mix of good news and bad news. On the upside, contractors removing dams along the Elwha River at Olympic National Park are getting a two-week head start on the work. The downside is that that early start is made possible by the end of chum salmon runs up the river.

NPS to Package Three Lodges on the Blue Ridge Parkway Under One Concessions Contract

The National Park Service recently announced that it would package the Blue Ridge Parkway concessions operation for lodging, retail, and food and beverage visitor services for Peaks of Otter Lodge, Bluffs Lodge, and Rocky Knob Cabins under a single prospectus expected to be released in April 2012.

Mountain Lion, With Its Feast, Leads to Closure Of Dinosaur National Monument Campground

A mountain lion that decided to cache its mule deer in the Split Mountain Campground at Dinosaur National Monument has led park officials to close the campground to the public for the time being.

Make Plans Now To Attend 2012 Gettysburg Seminar

Civil war buffs, and those fascinated by American history in general, can make plans now to attend the 2012 Gettysburg Seminar, which will explore some of the long burning issues of the battle at Gettysburg.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Receives a Generous and Timely Gift

This gift won't fit under the Christmas tree, but Great Smoky Mountains National Park—and everyone who loves and enjoys the Smokies—can celebrate a generous donation to the park from the non-profit group Friends of the Smokies.

Spectacular Lava Show At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Nature's fireworks are on display at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where a stream of lava from Kīlauea’s is pouring into the Pacific Ocean.

National Park Mystery Spot 32 Revealed: A Domed Domicile

Sacagawea once lived in one like this.

Information Sought In Case of Deer Poached At Monocacy National Battlefield

Someone with a taste for venison poached a majestic whitetail buck at Monocacy National Battlefield in Maryland, where authorities are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever did the deed.

Supporters Of a Mount St. Helens National Park Want National Park Service To Study That Possibility

Another request has been made on Congress to direct the National Park Service to study the possibility of transferring Mount St. Helens from the U.S. Forest Service so it can be designated a national park.

BASE Jumpers Cited For Illegal Leap at New River Gorge National River

The annual Bridge Day event each October draws thousands of spectators and hundreds of BASE jumpers to New River Gorge National River. Four jumpers who decided to conduct an unauthorized nighttime leap from the famous bridge last week were apprehended and face a variety of charges.

NPS Director Jarvis Allows Parks To Ban Disposable Plastic Bottles

Those seemingly ubiquitous disposable plastic bottles, the ones that generated a storm of controversy over their proposed ban at Grand Canyon National Park, may now be banned by park superintendents nationwide.
Policy on Disposable Plastic Water Bottles.pdf251.91 KB

National Park Mystery Spot 32: At the Mouth of a Feeder

What is located at the mouth of a feeder of a famously roiled feeder of a river that is not a feeder?

Reader Participation Day: Rewrite a National Park Warning Sign

Haiku warning signs
Can haiku, limericks, and poems improve on national park warning signs? We're inviting national park travelers to give it a try.