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Some Mammoth Cave National Park Campgrounds Opening March 1

It might be a bit chilly, but some campgrounds at Mammoth Cave National Park will open for the season on March 1. The Houchin Ferry will get a slightly earlier jump on the season, with operations scheduled to begin this Sunday.

Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park More Dangerous Than It Might Appear To the Unprepared

Despite the relaxed tropical connotations "Hawaii" might conjure, those who head to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park without preparing adequately for the trip could run into problems.

Discriminating Explorer: Visiting Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve By Mothership

As our kayaks bobbed on the currents of Fingers Bay, a multi-fingered bight in Glacier Bay, we listened quietly for the tell-tale whoosh of the humpback spouting. We had seen it earlier as we neared the mouth of the smaller bay, and watched as the whale circled the bay, its wispy froth marking its progress.
This short slideshow was pulled together from photos collected during a week-long exploration of Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Though they don't capture every incredible aspect of the park, they should be enough to get you thinking about adding Glacier Bay to your national park "life list."

Discriminating Explorer: Dining Your Way Across Glacier Bay National Park And Preserve

Shiny silver on the outside, the cauldron's contents were a delicious contrast of bright orange. With carapaces large as dinner plates and legs and claws folded to their sides, the Dungeness crabs were freshly steamed and stacked high. Dinner on the Sea Wolf was served.

Parks Beyond Borders #3: Looking Abroad At National Park News

Sign in a train bound for a National Park in Japan
A roundup of national park news in other nations.

Hunter Convicted Of Shooting Wild Horse On Assateague Island National Seashore

A Maryland man has been handed $5,000 in fines and restitution costs, placed on 18 months probation, and banned from hunting on federal lands for shooting a mare on Assateague Island National Seashore.

Yosemite National Park Study Points To Safety Concerns At The Ahwahnee

The Ahwahnee Hotel, the flagship lodging in Yosemite National Park, has numerous public safety issues revolving around seismic stability and fire protection for guests and employees. While park officials have come up with a plan for renovating the historic structure, they have no timetable or stated funding source for addressing the violations.

Vicksburg National Cemetery Releases Study Findings on Unmarked Graves

Officials at the Vicksburg National Cemetery, located on the edge of Vicksburg National Military Park, have released the results of an extensive study of a group of unmarked graves discovered in the cemetery in 2010.

Counting Birds and Turtles at Cape Hatteras National Seashore

CAHA - closed sign
The 2011 Monitoring Reports at Cape Hatteras National Seashore reveals that piping plovers, sea turtles and even the American Oystercatcher really need protection.

Muir's March For Hetch Hetchy Valley In Yosemite National Park To Offer More Routes This Year

Though summer is months away in the High Sierra, it's not too early to start thinking about joining "Muir's March" in support of draining the Hetch Hetchy Valley of Yosemite National Park.

Section of Big Oak Flat Road In Yosemite National Park To Close Until April For Road Repairs

A rockfall that came down on Big Oak Flat Road in Yosemite National Park in January did more damage than initially thought, and access into the Yosemite Valley via the road will be impossible for more than a month while crews work round-the-clock to repair it.

March Activities At Pipe Spring National Monument Aimed At Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month

Arizona culture and heritage will be on display at Pipe Spring National Monument in March as the park celebrates Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month.

Wind Cave National Park Officials To Discuss Management of "Casey Addition"

Most national park boundaries are fairly static, not growing or shrinking over the years. But Wind Cave National Park is growing by more than 5,500 acres thanks to an acquisition arranged by The Conservation Fund, and now park officials are working on a plan to manage that addition.

Effort Under Way In Congress To Reinstate Ban On Firearms in National Parks

A group of congressmen, led by two members of Washington state's delegation, is trying to reinstate a ban against firearms in national parks.

Pondering the Presidents In the National Park System on President’s Day

Here's some President's Day trivia: How many presidents are memorialized in the National Park System? The answer? At last count there were at least 32 places throughout the park system where a past president is honored.

By the Numbers: Gateway National Recreation Area

Gateway National Recreation Area, one of America's flagship urban-oriented parks, generates interesting statistics. One of them is 8,820,757.

National Park Mystery Photo 44 Revealed: Heave-Ho, Me Hearties!

"Learning by doing" is the key concept here.

Sixteen Foot-Long Python Captured At Everglades National Park

A Burmese python more than 16 feet in length and weighing 140 pounds has been captured at Everglades National Park, evidence of the problem park officials face with the spread of these non-native constrictors.
The Ultimate Hiker You would think someone who has circumnavigated Alaska by foot, skis, and raft would know a little something about backpacking gear, and Andrew Skurka certainly does.

National Park Mystery Photo 46 Revealed: Stop and Look When You Wade Across to Climb

When you wade across this creek to get to those magnificent dunes, be sure to stop and watch the surge flow.

National Park Mystery Photo 44: These Slickers are Not for Slackers

These young park visitors are dressed for work. Do you know where and why?

Shenandoah National Park Tempts the Winter Weary with Spring Opening Dates

A deer observes the photographer in early spring.
Spring opening dates have been set for visitor facilities at Shenandoah National Park.

Warmer Temperatures From Climate Change Likely To Change Vegetative Landscape In Southwestern National Parks

While desert-thriving vegetation commonly is thought to love heat, too much heat can doom them. A new study into the likely impacts of climate change says higher temperatures will recast the native plants we find in places such as Saguaro National Park and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Scrutiny On National Park Service and Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Ramps Up

As Republicans in Congress are investigating alleged misconduct of the National Park Service in its handling of an oyster farm at Point Reyes National Seashore, California officials are pushing the company to explain its why it is out of compliance with its operating permit.
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Dr. E.O. Wilson To Help Celebrate Search For Life At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

It was back in 1998 that a dedicated search for all forms of life in Great Smoky Mountains National Park began. Now, as the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory moves into its 15th year, the project is being celebrated with a gathering headlined by Dr. E.O. Wilson.

Reader Participation Day: Have You Ever Called A National Park In Search of Information?

GRSM-Cherokee Mac's Indian Village
Have you ever called a national park for specific information? What was the response and the quality of information you were given?

Parks Beyond Borders #2: Looking Abroad At Other National Park News

Glacier Discovery Walk image
A round up of international park news.

Birding in the National Parks: Kindling An Affair For Bird-Watching

Olympic National Park offers three distinct landscapes for birders -- coastal settings, emerald rain forests, and alpine vistas.

Glacier National Park: A Day Hiker's Overview

With more than 740 miles of trails that lead to some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet, Glacier National Park is a hiker's paradise. Here's an introductory overview of some of those wonderful hiking options.