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Elk Reduction Finishes Ahead Of Schedule At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Two productive years of culling elk at Theodore Roosevelt National Park have achieved the park's goal of reducing the elk herd in the South Unit to fewer than 400 animals.

National Park Mystery Spot 38 Revealed: Jenny Waded Here

The March Madness clue was an outright gift.

Shiloh 150th Events Slated March 29-April 8

cannon at Shiloh National Military Park
A week of great events commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Shiloh.

Appalachian Spring: The Video

The Blue Ridge Parkway, between Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Parks, is a prime venue to a secret season—the explosive beauty and bounty of Appalachian Spring.

Bears Coming To Life In Grand Teton, Yellowstone National Parks

Grizzly and black bears are starting to come out of hibernation in Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks, prompting officials there to warn visitors about the hungry bruins.

National Park Mystery Spot 38: White Stone Eyes Gaze Upon It

Identify this mystery spot and qualify for the March prize drawing.

Peaked Hill Bars Dune Shacks At Cape Cod National Seashore Added To Register of Historic Places

A collection of artists' shacks set in the dunes of Cape Cod National Seashore has been added to the National Register of Historic Places following two years of study.

National Park Partners, Park Staff Meet At APPL Convention and Trade Show

Multimedia project winners
The Association of Partners for Public Lands met in Las Vegas to share how best to support our national parks and forests. In this case, what goes on in Vegas gets brought home and discussed.

Second Search For Missing Person Initiated At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A second search-and-rescue mission in the past week has been initiated at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where a 23-year-old man is thought to have vanished in the park not far from the Sugarlands Visitor Center.

Reader Participation Day: What National Park Place Names Should Be Changed?

Place names in long-standing public use are seldom changed, but it does happen from time to time. What named places in the national parks should be given different names? Should we re-name any of the 397 national parks?

Mark Your Calendars: National Park Week Set For April 21-April 29

You can start planning: National Park Week will fall April 21-29 this year, with activities planned throughout the National Park System.

Discriminating Explorer: Appalachian Spring

The Blue Ridge Parkway, between Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Parks, is a prime venue to a secret season—the explosive beauty and bounty of Appalachian Spring.

Bats Infected With White-Nose Syndrome Found At Both Acadia And Great Smoky Mountains National Parks

White-nose syndrome, a disease deadly to bats, has been detected in both Acadia and Great Smoky Mountains national parks.

No Sign Of Tennessee Man Thought Missing In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

No signs have been found of a Tennessee man thought to be missing in the tangle of backcountry at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Chiricahua National Monument's "Wonderland of Rocks" Is Also a Hiking Smorgasbord

Tucked away in southeastern Arizona is an off-the-beaten-path destination often described as a "Wonderland of Rocks." The nickname for Chiricahua National Monument is certainly appropriate, but this area offers a lot more than interesting geology, including a fine variety of trails that could be called a hiking smorgasbord.

Higher Angling Fees At Yellowstone National Park To Support Fisheries Program

It's going to cost you a little bit more to fish in Yellowstone National Park this summer, as officials are raising the cost of a license to help support their fisheries program.

Camping In The Parks: Devils Garden In Arches National Park

Fins and outcrops at Devils Garden CG, Arches NP. Copyright Kurt Repanshek
Heading through Arches National Park in mid-March, I figured I'd spend a night at the Devils Garden Campground, and figured I'd have it all to myself. Boy was I wrong.

Interior Department Releases Peer Review Of Oyster Farm Impacts At Point Reyes National Seashore

An independent review of the National Park Service's draft environmental impact statement on an oyster farm at Point Reyes National Seashore pointed to various shortcomings, but added that the document generally was "adequate" in light of "available scientific information."
Final_DEIS_Drakes_Bay_SUP_Peer_Review_Report_030112.pdf969.62 KB

Update: Search Ongoing For 24-Year-old Man At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

More than two dozen people are on the ground searching Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a Tennessee man whose car was found parked at the Newfound Gap Parking Area, while overhead crews are looking from a helicopter.

Saguaro National Park Using New Technology to Deter Cactus Rustlers

Saguaro National Park is using some new technology to help deter an old-time problem—cactus poachers. Operation PIT Tag inserts tiny micro-chips into cacti to allow positive identification of saguaro cacti which have been heisted from the park. The program makes those plants less attractive targets for rustlers, since it's easy to verify that a tagged cactus is "stolen goods."

Nesting Of Peregrine Falcons Leads To Temporary Closure Of Precipice Area At Acadia National Park

It's a good sign of spring, and a great sign that a once-endangered species is doing well: the return of nesting peregrine falcons to Acadia National Park has led to the temporary closures of the Precipice and Valley Cove Cliffs areas of the park.

Trails I've Hiked: The Blue Mesa Trail At Petrified Forest National Park

There are, relative to other parks, only a handful of hikes for you to consider when you visit Petrified Forest National Park, but you still should come up with a pecking order, if only to plan your day. And if you like to hike first thing in the morning, then the Blue Mesa Trail should rise to the very top of your list.

Investigation Under Way Into Fire That Destroyed Historic 19th Century Farmhouse At Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that burned to the ground an early 19th century farmhouse at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Parks Beyond Borders: France and The Bahamas Get New National Parks

The fissured coastline of National Park of the Calanques in southern France.
Looking At Global National Park News, with new national parks in France and the Bahamas.

Lodging In the Parks: Why There Are No Rooms At The Inn

Can't find a room in the national park inn of your choice? This story explains why that might be the case.

Spring is Prime Time for Hikes in National Military Parks and Battlefields

Burnside's Bridge at Antietam National Battlefield.
Spring is prime time for hikes in National Military Parks and National Battlefields such as Antietam National Battlefield with its many spring interpretive hikes.

Parking Fees To Jump 50 Percent At Gateway National Recreation Area This Summer

Parking fees at two areas in Gateway National Recreation Area will jump 50 percent this summer as National Park Service officials look for additional revenues to help maintain the NRA and its units.

National Park Mystery Photo 46 Revealed: Stop and Look When You Wade Across to Climb

When you wade across this creek to get to those magnificent dunes, be sure to stop and watch the surge flow.

Kid Pleaser: Playing In The Sand At Arches National Park

While the more than 2,000 rock arches at Arches National Park might hold your kids' attention for a good period of time, sometimes you just have to get down and dirty to keep them happy. That's when you should head to Sand Dune Arch.

Park Science Unveiled At Rocky Mountain National Park Biennial Research Conference

Wondering what sorts of scientific research is under way at Rocky Mountain National Park? Plan on attending the park's biennial reseach conference late this month in Estes Park, Colorado.