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“Peaceful Side of the Smokies” Will Be Hopping During Townsend In The Smokies Spring Festival

Townsend band pavilion concert.
The “Peaceful Side of the Smokies” is going to be hopping May 4&5 when the Townsend in the Smokies Spring Festival arrives.

Ten Books You Should Have In Your National Park Library

National Park Week seems like an appropriate time to check your personal library to ensure it's up to snuff when it comes to the national parks. Here, in particular order, are 10 books you definitely should have in your library:

Smokies Announce Construction Closures On Extremely Popular Chimney Tops Trail

If you want to hike to a few of the Smokies’ most pyramidal, inspiring peaks—Chimney Tops— don’t target the trail Monday through Thursday from May through October 18th.

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Provides $500,000 Grant To Get Kids Into National Parks

With hopes of connecting more youth with national parks, the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has provided a $500,000 grant to the National Park Foundation to help with the Foundation's "Ticket To Ride" and "America's Best Idea" programs.

Mojave National Preserve Cross Case Settled With Land Swap

A long simmering dispute over a simple cross erected over Mojave National Preserve will be resolved with a land swap expected to net the National Park Service private land inside the preserve.

National Park Week Quiz #5: If You Have It

Can you tell us where in the National Park System this mystery spot is?

National Park Week Quiz #4 Revealed: Four Letters Unscrambled

Does the sound of the can opener make your dog salivate?

A View From The Overlook: The Most Dangerous Games

Roger Siglin, retired from the National Park Service, but didn't retire from life by any stretch.

Reader Participation Day: What Should The National Park Service Work On Leading Up To 2016?

It's National Park Week, a time to celebrate the national parks and get out and enjoy them. But it should also be a time for you to ponder the future of the National Park System. With that in mind, what do you think the National Park Service should focus on leading up to its centennial in 2016?

"Fall For Glacier" And Help The Glacier National Park Fund

What are you doing September 6-9? If you're a fan of Glacier National Park, you should be planning to be in the park supporting the Glacier National Park Fund.

Virgin Islands National Park To Grow By 58 Acres

Efforts by the Trust for Public Land continue to grow the size of Virgin Islands National Park a bit at a time, with the trust recently transferring 58 acres to the park at Maho Bay.

House Democrats Urge GOP Leadership To Solve Horse-Packing Stalemate At Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks

Republican leadership in the House of Representatives could resolve the horse-packing stalemate at Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks through a legislative initiative, according to California Democrats.

National Park Week Quiz #4: The Two-Step

This one is as easy as one, two, three, four. Or is it four, three, two, one? Maybe two, four, one, three?

National Park Quiz Week Quiz #3 Revealed: Silly Synonyms Solved

OK, maybe that princess-botherer one was a little over the top.

Birding In The National Parks: Do You Have The Necessary Gear?

Every hobby has its collection of necessary equipment. You can’t golf without clubs, balls, and tees. You can’t knit without a collection of needles and a room full of yarn. You can’t (and definitely shouldn’t) skydive without a parachute. Birding is no exception. The beauty of birding as a hobby, however, is that there are distinct stages of equipment necessity

Walking On The Wild Side Of Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument is America’s national park with a funny name. Sure, it has dinosaurs. But their fossils take up only a little corner of this overlooked part of the national park system.

Vice President Biden Tours Everglades National Park, Pledges Continued Help On Restoration Plan

Vice President Joe Biden toured Everglades National Park on Monday with Sen. Bill Nelson in an appearance that mixed politics with preservation.

National Park Week Quiz #2 Revealed: The Edited List

We hope you had fun with this fixer-upper.

National Park Week Quiz #3: Hidden Parks

You don’t need to solve all of these.

Discriminating Explorer: Two Incredible National Parks, One Great Town

Sunlight so bright it stains the rocks? It certainly seems so in the red-rock country of southeastern Utah, where Arches and Canyonlands national parks dazzle with both their scenery and their adventures.

House Of Representatives Passes Legislation That Critics Fear Will Bring More Hunting Into National Park System

Concerns that hunting and fishing are slowly slipping away as pastimes in the United States have led the U.S. House of Representatives to pass legislation that some fear would open more of the National Park System to hunting.

NPCA Field Report: Help Needed For The Atlantic Sturgeon To Recover

Sturgeon might have graced Captain John Smith's dinner table when he explored the Chesapeake Bay in 1607-1609, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one in the waters of the national historic trail that bears his name today.
Arches and Canyonlands national parks are red-rock neighbors, separated by only a handful of miles in southeastern Utah. Spend any time there and you can't help but come away amazed by the scenery.

National Park Week Quiz #2: Find It And Fix It

These park names are a comedy of errors, but you can fix ‘em. Or can you?

National Park Week Quiz #1 Revealed: Bill Clinton’s Park Plus

Ardent Republicans, please forgive us.

Cooking In The Parks: Popovers At Acadia National Park

If you've ever visited Acadia National Park, you no doubt stopped at the Jordon Pond House and had some of their buttery popovers smeared with jam. If the park is too far to reach this year, here's the recipe so you can make the popovers at home.

No. 610 And Her Triplets Take A Stroll At Grand Teton National Park, The Video!

It's National Park Week, so why wouldn't the grizzlies be out and about in Grand Teton National Park?

Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News—Russia to the Rescue of Big Cats, Brits Get a Leg "Down"

A round-up of global national park news

Top 10 National Parks: Is Your List Better Than Mine?

People like lists. No, check that, they love them. Particularly when they disagree with them and think they have a better list. So, here's my personal Top 10 list of national parks. How does it match up with yours?

National Park Week Quiz #1: Multiplying Bill Clinton’s Park

Eleven park names satisfy our requirement, but you only need to name eight, and we’ll even give you one for a head start (no extra charge).