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And March's Winner Is.....Robert A

Congratulations to Robert A., who came out ahead of a very sizeable pack of qualifiers from March's puzzlers to win a copy of Yosemite & The Southern Sierra Nevada by David Page.

National Park Foundation Redesigns Its Website

A fresh, content-rich makeover has spread across the National Park Foundation's website, providing information on parks in your backyard as well as updates on how the Foundation spends its charitable dollars.

What Do You Think Of The National Parks' New Look?

Well, it's been a week or so. What do you think of the new look of the websites across the National Park System?

Traveler's Gear Box: Trekking Poles

A set of sticks is a handy thing to have when you're hiking in the National Park System. They take some of the load off your knees, can offer you greater stability, and, in a pinch, can help you pitch your tent. But which set of trekking poles is right for you?

National Park Mystery Photo 48: A Thingie That’s Part of a Set

You need to envision a larger something to make sense of this thingie, which is arrayed with others just like it.

Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation Conveys New Communications Center Building to the Parkway

Ceremony for Center Debut
In late March, the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation continued its cascade of contributions to the Parkway by conveying ownership of a new 1,800 square-foot Communications Center building.

Traveler's View: National Park Foundation Erred In Licensing Air Fresheners And Tricked Out Trucks

The National Park Foundation erred in reaching licensing agreements with trucks tricked out for conquering wilderness and air fresheners many associate with bathrooms.

National Parks In Alaska Looking Toward Park Service's Centennial In 2016

With just four years until the National Park Service marks its centennial and ventures into its second century of managing the National Park System, officials at the agency's Alaska units are beginning to plan for that anniversary.

Where Can You See Wildlife Right Now: Strutting Sage Grouse At Grand Teton National Park

Where can you see one of the more unusual rites of spring in the animal kingdom? Head to Grand Teton National Park to watch the sage grouse strut.

Reader Participation Day: Where Do You Find The Best Meals In, Or Near, The National Park System?

While many national park concessionaires are working to raise the level of their culinary creations, not all are rising as fast as others. But there are some great meals out there, both in and nearby the national parks. What meals and restaurants would you recommend to your friends?

A View From The Overlook: Montana Wowsers!

Everyone thought giving some extra Yellowstone National Park bison to Native American tribes in Montana was a grand idea...except the Montana Wowsers.

Loop Road In Acadia National Park Scheduled To Open April 15

Spring has reached Acadia National Park, where officials plan to open the Park Loop Road and Hulls Cove Visitor Center on April 15th.

National Park Service Launches Civil War Website

Our country is entering year two of the Civil War Sesquicentennial, and many Americans still have a deep interest in the events—and people—connected with that conflict. The National Park Service has launched a new Civil War website that provides a wealth of information and useful tools for both exploring and learning.

Fort Monroe National Monument Launches Planning Effort With Open House Events On April 30th, 2012

On April 5, Fort Monroe National Monument Superintendent Kirsten Talken-Spaulding announced the start of the park’s inaugural planning effort with two April 30th open house sessions and a web page that explains the process and solicits public comment.

Birding In The National Parks: Spring Migration Is Spreading Across The National Parks

This is the time of year when bosses, friends, and spouses may wonder if they’ll ever see the birder in their lives again. Yes, it’s spring migration time, and we’re all up and out the door before dawn to bird until the sun sets.

Big Cypress National Preserve Extends Deadline For Your Comments On Hunting Plan

The public has two more weeks to comment on a management plan guiding hunting in Big Cypress National Preserve, a rugged 729,000-acre swath of south Florida that is home to perhaps the most endangered mammal in North America.

Pythons Roaming Everglades National Park Develop Taste For Birds And Their Eggs

You can add birds, and their eggs, to the prey that are falling victim to non-native Burmese pythons snaking through Everglades National Park, according to a study by Smithsonian Institution and National Park Service staff.
The Soul of Yosemite: Finding, Defending, and Saving the Valley A new book questions whether the National Park Service has lost its way in protecting and preserving the national park ideal.

Effort To Reduce Horse Access To Wilderness In Sequoia, Kings Canyon National Parks Turning Into Wedge Issue

Armed with a ruling that the National Park Service violated The Wilderness Act in Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks with the way it managed horse pack trips, a hikers association now wants the judge to order the agency to rein-in the pack trips.
SEKI-High Sierra Hikers Motion.pdf138.37 KB

Parks Beyond Borders: Global National Park News PEI Is 75, Oz Gets New National Park, And More ...

Cycling Prince Edward Island National Park.
A weekly sampling of global park news.

Missing From The System? Utah's San Rafael Swell

The Obama administration might have lost its ambition to declare Utah's San Rafael Swell a national monument, but that doesn't lessen the beauty and richness of the landscape and what it encompasses.

We've Added Petrified Forest National Park To Our Database Of Essential Park Guides

Heading to Petrified Forest National Park, or wondering whether you should pay the northern Arizona park a visit? We've got a guide to help you figure out how best to explore the park, one that just might convince those on the fence to add it to their bucket list.

Iconic Hotel At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Back On Track

A new concessionaire has been found to run the Volcano House lodge at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

New Film Marks 150th Anniversary at Shiloh National Military Park

It was a two-day battle that unfolded 150 years ago this weekend, in the newly greened forests of southwest Tennessee.

Rocky Mountain National Park Crews Will Be Spraying Trees To Battle Bark Beetles

Hazardous tree removal work at Rocky Mountain National Park will be going on through April and May as crews work to battle a years-long bark beetle infestation.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Featured On 25-Cent Piece

You can add Chaco Culture National Historical Park to the list of National Park System sites portrayed on a quarter.

National Park Mystery Spot 39 Revealed: A Saintly Father Lived and Died There

Almost nobody wanted anything to do with the 8,000 unfortunate people sent to this place.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Decide To Boost Lodging At Old Faithful Complex

Nearly 70 more nightly rooms will be available in the Old Faithful area at Yellowstone National Park as National Park Service officials have agreed to convert 67 cabins from concessionaire employee housing to rental units.

Visiting Denali National Park This Summer? Join A Ranger For A Discovery Hike

Got your ticket punched for a visit to Denali National Park and Preserve this summer? Don't miss the opportunity to join a park ranger for a Discovery Hike into the park.